Not Just For Special Occasions: Photographing the Every Day

Everyone pulls out the camera for the birthday parties, the Halloween costumes and the third grade concert, but photographing the everyday details of your children’s lives is a great way to preserve the small but significant things that are easy to forget as they get older.

I just had my third child in June, and since this will most certainly be my last baby, I’m making a special effort to record more of the little things: her chubby fingers, a favorite toy, or a cute pair of pjs. It’s easy to do, the important thing is to keep it simple:

1.You don’t need to drag out the fancy camera

Your camera phone is perfect for capturing everyday photos, and you always have it with you! Just remember to turn off the flash, if you can (natural light is much more flattering).



2. Think about what makes this particular stage of your child’s life special or unique, and photograph that

Does she have a favorite lovey? Is he obsessed with Thomas trains? Take a quick snap of her hands clutching her blanket, or his pushing Percy along the track.


3. Resist the urge to take all “smiling-and-looking-at-the-camera” photos

Think outside the box…the smallest of details can be very compelling. Capture a shot of little feet learning to walk, or a voracious reader curled up in a chair with her nose in a book.


4. It doesn’t have to be perfect!

Many of my “everyday” photos have shadows, or aren’t composed exactly the way I’d like….it doesn’t matter!

The important thing is to preserve the memory.



What are your favorite memories to capture?


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