Mom knows best! As the premier parenting resource in the Greater Boston area serving moms in Boston, MetroWest, South Shore, North Shore, and beyond, Boston Moms strives to connect area parents to relevant resources, local businesses, can’t-miss happenings, and most of all — each other!

Today, women make up to 83% of purchasing decisions in households across the U.S. No matter what your brand’s target demographic is, moms in particular are a critical consumer group to consider. –Forbes, 2023

Moms spend an average of 4 hours a day on the internet, over 4x as much time as the average mom listens to the radio or watches cable television. And she relies on community online, paying close attention to thought leaders, content creators and brands that have an authentic voice and presence. It’s no secret that moms look to other moms for recommendations on products and services to use. Wicked Good Mom Media has spent the last 6 years carefully establishing trust and authenticity within this market, which is crucial to conversion to customers.

Each month, Wicked Good Mom Media properties connect hundreds of thousands of local women to stories, resources, and perspectives unique to their lives as parents in hyperlocal communities in New England. Wicked Good Mom Media (Boston Moms, Cape Cod Moms + Rhode Island Moms) offers a range of advertising solutions that capture the attention of key household decision-makers in a way that simply cannot be accomplished with blanket ad campaigns or general influencer marketing.

Our clients trust us to create relationships and results, and our readership trusts us to bring them the “must-have” mom information they need. A win/win!

Wicked Good Mom Media (Boston Moms, Cape Cod Moms + Rhode Island Moms) serves as a powerful, trusted, and beloved marketing solution for brands seeking to leverage the power of influence to key household decision-makers (moms!).  With offerings from general consulting to custom branded content and custom events, WGMM has marketing solutions for your brand.

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Do you work with small businesses?

Absolutely. We are a small business ourselves, and we LOVE working with other small businesses! We deeply understand how important your marketing budget is to your bottom line, and we want to be sure that we can deliver the results you are looking for. If your budget does not allow for paid advertising with Wicked Good Mom Media, we do offer several other creative (organic, free) ways for you to position your brand in front of local moms. 

Why do I need to commit to a month-long partnership at a minimum?

Simply put: moms and consumers need to see your brand several times before they’ll take action to purchase. Through years of practice, we know that our thoughtful + custom marketing campaigns best perform with a snowball effect. All proposals are created with this in mind: to position your business in front of household decision-makers multiple times over multiple mediums for the best results.

How much will this cost me?

Most clients have a minimum budget of $2,000/month. This includes budget for geotargeted boosting on social media and analytics reporting.

Can I work with ONE of your properties only? Ie: just Rhode Island Moms?

Of course! All proposals are created according to your geographic preference. The Wicked Good Mom Media Operations Team oversees all advertising, but the local teams (in Rhode Island, for example) are the moms who will vet the content and ensure brand consistency and voice. 

Who creates your content?

Our team of real local moms! This ensures that the voice and tone of the content will resonate with our audience. Meghan Block, Founder + CEO, is typically the brand voice featured in video content. 

Are you influencers?

We have influence, but we are not influencers! Wicked Good Mom Media is a local, woman-owned independent media company that serves moms and families in Greater New England. Unlike the typical “influencer” or “content creator”, we have several systems in place to maintain the standards of business that we are known for, and a team of employees who keep it all running!

Do you work on affiliate commission?

All advertising on Wicked Good Mom Media platforms requires a paid ad contract. Occasionally, we will agree to affiliate commission in addition to a paid contract, but never alone. A paid ad contract allows us to assign a team member to your brand or business and ensure that we have the capacity to promote you thoughtfully.

Can I sponsor one of your events?

Absolutely! Please email [email protected] to discuss title (“presented by”) sponsorship, vendor tables, or activation sponsorship at our events.

Can I offer a discount code for your followers? 

Please do! We love a strong CTA and a discount code is a great way to drive new customers!