Michal Biletzki

Michal Biletzki
Michal is a Single Mother by Choice to a double-donor miracle baby, Alma born in 2020, who was conceived in the Ukraine on March 10th, 2020 (you remember THAT week). Originally from Israel, Michal has been in the USA since 2004, with 9 of those in the Boston area – six as a grad student (many lifetimes ago) and three as a mom, non-consecutively. Getting to motherhood a little later in life, Michal holds a PhD in Political Science from Boston University and has been working in non-profit fundraising since 2011 – currently at Northeastern University, where she is setting her sights high (and far), planning to work there long enough to be able to get Alma through college for free! Michal and Alma live in Waltham, right next door to Alma's grandparents, with their beloved mutt, Grizzly. Michal loves the door motherhood has opened for her in building her and Alma’s community, surrounding them both with new friends and is excited to share her experience and diverse perspectives with the larger Boston Moms community!

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