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A Year of LESS

The start of a new year typically brings up a lot of reflection and goal setting. Most years I have either started a diet (ugh), looked into a side hustle, or jumped into a...

Beat the Summer Heat and Embrace the Fun and Educational World of Sensory Play

“Mom! Look! The ping pong ball floats, and my dinosaur sinks! Isn’t that cool? Why, mom, why?” Even the simplest sensory play experiences lead to observations about the world and the way it works. With...

My Frustration with All Things COVID

I’m frustrated. I’m frustrated with the man at Target who refused to wear his mask in the store. I’m frustrated that when I asked him if he could put his mask on, he asked “Why?...
postpartum body - Boston Moms

My Baby Turned 1 — and So Did My Postpartum Body

After my son Leo turned 1, I had a LOT of thoughts swirling in my brain. I had a real good cry about how he was growing up — and how horrible that is. Let’s...

To All Moms Right Now: It’s OK to Ask for Help

Let’s see if this sounds familiar to any of you moms…  Last year I was at the airport, flying solo with my little ones (crazy, I know). I was trying to get to the rental...
burnout self-care mom - Boston Moms

3 Easy Self-Care Practices for Moms on the Edge of Burnout

Boston Moms is thrilled to share this guest post written by Sarah Harmon, a licensed mental health therapist, a certified yoga and mindfulness instructor, and the founder of The School of MOM. There is a strong need...
COVID-19 return to school - Boston Moms

Supporting Our Kids as They Return to School

Boston Moms is thrilled to share this guest post written by Rita Morris, a local parent coach, certified life coach, and licensed mental health counselor. Who could have ever imagined we would be living through a...
new motherhood - WellNested - Boston Moms

Meghan Block, Owner of Boston Moms, Gets Real About New Motherhood

Boston Moms is thrilled to share this guest post written by Stephanie Rampello, co-founder and CEO of WellNested, a female founded startup on a mission to connect modern families with the support they need...
Boston dad - fatherhood - Boston Moms

5 Lessons in Fatherhood (from One Boston Dad)

John Rich turned 40 in April. He is married to Boston Moms contributor Rachel Rich, and together they live in Scituate with their five children (ages 7, 5, 3, 2, and 4 months). John...
starting my own business - Boston Moms Blog

Four Ways Starting My Own Business Helped Our Family

Let’s be honest — raising small children can suck the life right out of you, making it seem like the worst time to start a business. Ironically, I found it gave me back the energy my kids were draining from me. Having to problem solve, explore my creativity that had felt locked away, and learn new skills to run my business created a spark in me to keep working, even after a long day with the kids.
transition to preschool - Boston Moms Blog

4 Tips to Make the Transition to Preschool Easier

Develop a goodbye routine, and practice it in advance. Provide a concrete time frame for your departure. Preschoolers haven’t grasped the concept of time yet, so saying you’ll stay for one puzzle is more meaningful than saying you’ll stay for five minutes. Your routine may include a secret handshake, a set number of hugs and kisses, or a story once arriving at school. Whatever you decide to do, be consistent.