While many of us associate Valentine’s Day with romantic gestures like fancy dinners out and long-stemmed roses, it’s really just a simple day to tell people you love them — and who better to show love to than your kids?!

Here are a few fun activities to plan with your little ones this February to share the love on Valentine’s Day and get them in on the festivities:

Door love project 

Here’s a creative way to show your kids how much you “a-door” them — decorate their bedroom door with hearts that say what you love about them. This is a unique way to surprise your kids in the weeks before Valentine’s Day with positive notes highlighting your favorite qualities. You can also decorate a door in your house that has hearts for all the family members, so everyone can leave cute and caring messages for each other, like this fun example from Harvard Homemaker

Valentine’s Day games

Living in New England, we all know February means a lot of snow and a lot of cold. With frigid temperatures outside, it’s a great time of year to have some heart-filled fun inside. Do a quick search on Pinterest and you’ll find fun options from Valentine’s Day bingo to a DIY ring toss. The musical hearts game on Teach Mama encourages both movement and reading. 

Creative crafts

Don’t stop at the Valentine’s cards — there are so may fun craft ideas you can try with your kids to embrace the holiday. One of my favorites for younger kids is making heart-themed sun catchers with tissue paper. They are simple for little hands, they don’t require many supplies, and kids love to proudly showcase them in the windows. Kids can also make their own picture frames to give to mom, dad, teachers, babysitters — I find many for $1 at Michael’s that you can decorate, or check out this DIY popsicle stick option from Craft Create Cook.

Now that you have some fun ideas for your kids, don’t forget to include your partner. And if you are choosing to stay in this Valentine’s Day, here are some fun ideas to enjoy after you (finally) put the kids to bed.

Happy heart day, mamas!

Megan is a mom of two daughters (2012, 2014) and lives with her family in Stoneham, MA. Her interest in writing began as a child and developed throughout her study of Journalism at St. Bonaventure University, where she graduated in 2003. Megan's love for New England began in 2006 when she moved from her hometown of Syracuse, NY to pursue her masters degree in Marketing Communications at Emerson College. Boston holds a special place in her heart as the city where she met and married her husband, started a family and has planted roots. In her professional career, Megan focuses on positive youth development, community outreach and mental health awareness. Loves: Family, friends, dogs, being a mom of girls, reading, Netflix, holidays, the ocean, fall in New England. Could do Without: Winter, snow (besides at Christmas), being late, traffic.


  1. I love these! It’s my sons first Valentines Day (he’s 11 months old) , but I think I’m still going to start the a-door idea! That and we’re going out to breakfast! Starting some great traditions. Thanks for the amazing idea!

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