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You may have seen that installing solar panels can help you save on your energy expenses. So it’s natural to wonder how much you’ll save and how different your electric bill will look after going solar.

Of course, every home is unique, but our friends at Isaksen Solar have helped us take a look at what homeowners should expect after they buy solar panels.

How much you’ll save with solar panels depends on the amount of solar panels you buy.

To determine your savings, you need to find out how much solar energy you can produce. The amount of solar panels you install at your home determines how much solar energy you can produce.

A larger system produces more renewable energy for your home but also comes at a higher cost and higher solar payment.

However, you want a home solar system that will equal or out produce your energy usage.

How much electricity your home uses will also determine your savings.

Next, you need to understand how much energy your home is using. Your solar panels will need to outproduce your electricity usage in a year in order to incur savings.

Since energy usage fluctuates throughout the year, it makes sense to look at energy production and usage through a yearly lens.

Depending on your town or city and their utility company, you will have different electricity rates that determine how expensive your electricity is.

These electricity rates will change throughout the winter and summer. They have also consistently increased every year, leading to more expensive monthly bills.

Solar aids homeowners by shielding them from the constant rate hikes — solar locks in predictable costs throughout the year.

Courtesy of Isaksen Solar

Determine what your bill will look like after going solar.

Unfortunately, predicting what an electric bill will look like after getting solar is hard without seeing what your current bill looks like. Fortunately, it will be easy to predict if it’s possible to completely eliminate your electric bill once a solar company sees what you are currently paying.

An added savings for homeowners in Massachusetts is net metering, which is offered in most towns throughout the state. With net metering, homeowners will acquire credits for extra solar energy they produce and do not use.

This means instead of paying your utility company, they now owe you money!

Your savings will also likely vary each month depending on your usage and production. If your system consistently produces more than you use each year, you will not have to pay another electric bill for the lifetime of your solar panels!

Instead of that unpredictable electricity payment each month, you can expect a consistent bill. No more fluctuating bills each month!

If you are looking for more specific figure, it is estimated homeowners will save $1,500 to $4,000 a year!

How can I see exactly what I will save?

The only way to see exactly how much solar can save you is by working with a solar company to get a quote.

Our partners at Isaksen Solar can work with you to better understand your energy situation and give you a no-pressure solar consultation.

To determine your future savings, give them a call at (508) 717-3820 or get started on your quote today.



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