Hi all!  My name is Calli McPherson, and I am a mom of a 6- and 4-year-old boy and I have Celiac disease.  I am a lover of food; I have been my whole life and now with Celiac I am on a mission to find the best (and safest) gluten free food that the greater Boston area has to offer!  And today I am sharing my 8 favorite family friendly restaurants. 

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Two quick disclaimers: One, family friendly has a different definition for every person, for me, these are restaurants we have gone with our family where we all have a great meal, there are sufficient food choices for picky kids and the staff are very welcoming.  Two, we eat out early, we rarely sit down after 6:30 pm with our kids. 

Now on to the fun part, in no particular order, my family’s 8 favorite restaurants with Gluten Free delights in Boston you can’t miss:

Blaze Pizza

Blaze is a delicious and low-key environment to grab pizza with the family.  We love this place because it is easy, you order at the counter, grab a seat and they will call your name when your order is ready.  They are wonderful with allergy protocols and a bonus for me – they also have vegan cheese (and it is good!)


Cupcake Mojo

Cupcake Mojo has been my go-to dessert pick up spot since I first discovered them almost 4 years ago.  They take great precautions with GF cupcakes by making them 1st every morning before their traditional baking happens.  I also appreciate that they have a variety of cupcake flavors to choose from.  The lemon and Funfetti Party are my favorites!



This large space in South Boston is a great spot for our family after a day exploring the city.  They offer delicious Italian comfort foods and they do it well.  A special note: Capo also offers a 100% gluten free night every Tuesday.


Yellow Door Taqueria

Yellow Door Taqueria has 3 locations in Boston, and it is hands down one of my favorite places to eat.  Their location in the south end is my favorite for families because of their large outdoor patio.  My husband and I love their tacos, tequila, and margaritas.  My kids devour their tortilla chips and cheese quesadillas, so it is a win for us!


Twist Bakery & Café

Twist has two locations in MA, Millis and Burlington.  It is a bit of a drive from the city but this 100% gluten, peanut, tree nut and soy free bakery and café is worth it.  They have a large menu that boasts desserts, quiches, muffins, pancakes, sandwiches, etc.  Twist also creates wonderful holiday catering menus that I always use for Thanksgiving, saving me hours and keeping my family full and happy.


Kane’s Donuts

My kids love donuts and when my husband and I decided our home needed to be gluten free, my kids were most upset about not having donuts in our house.  So finding Kane’s gluten free donuts felt like winning the lottery.  KGF donuts are gluten, dairy and nut free and they come in a dozen different flavors.  Tip: depending on what day you visit, you may want to preorder your KGF donuts online as they do sell out.


Legal Sea Foods

Legal Sea Foods has many locations throughout Massachusetts, and they are one of my go-to restaurants for eating out with my kids.  They have coloring sheets, kid cups, a sensible kids menu (Kraft Mac & Cheese!).  They can make almost anything on their menu gluten free and everything they fry is gluten free so no fear of cross contact.


Flatbread At Sacco Bowl Haven

Pizza & Bowling – I am not sure I need to say much else.  This Somerville gem has bowling lanes that is connected to American Flat Bread.  You can eat the restaurant or at your bowling lane. 


I know we have found a good spot when my kids ask to go back when we are in the car on our way home.  These are the places we go back to frequently for gluten free treats and the places I have shared with you today! 

As a fellow parent, remember we all struggle when we go out to eat with our kids.  We have all had the epic meltdowns, throwing food, screaming, etc. (or at least we have) so you aren’t alone.  We all have our tactics (screentime for us) for getting through a meal and that is ok!

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