Amber Michele

Originally from Brooklyn, New York, Amber has resided throughout Boston - and currently Cambridge - for double digits now. In previous years she spent her time commuting for auditions and SAG-AFTRA work between New York City & Boston. Now, she is a new mom to her 13 month old daughter, with her long time boyfriend, and their crazy and cuddly cats; a brother-sister duo, Helios & Selene respectively. Constantly on the lookout for 'Ways to Elevate Her Everyday,' and yours too, she recently completed her Yoga Teacher Training as she finds it important to find and create movement everyday. Which is easy enough, with her love for and a household always full of music; from Biggie to Beethoven to Billie Holiday and beyond. Always keeping an eye out for creative adventures in and around New England, she will jump at any chance to visit the local farm to visit the goats, and simply be outdoors. Otherwise, she's often found by the window, calligraphy pen in hand practicing her favorite craft. Either way, she is currently enjoying the year plus respite and hiatus from the restaurant & hospitality industry, as she seeks her next venture. Will always hype: Brunch and simply ALL food, dancing - the sillier the better, travel and any chance to be at the beach. You can miss me with: Cold wet weather (even though I was born in January?!) and horror movies. More thoughts and musings at

Through Her Eyes, for the First Time

There are so many things I want for her. Things I want her to see. Things I want her to experience. Things I want her to know through all five senses and more. Then I...

Holiday Lights and Illuminated Joy

No matter how you celebrate the holidays, there’s one thing we can all get behind, especially if you have kids: lights. The magic they hold as they glitter, gleam, and sparkle across the room...
Baby's Hand

No One Is Coming

I sit in the dark for hours. Or what seems like hours. Every night. For almost 16 months now. At first, it was hard. Unbelievably so. But eventually, I flipped my perspective and realized...