We’ve often heard that “diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” I’ve never been a huge fan of diamonds. But dividends, on the other hand? Investments? I find those quite intriguing! Truth be told, I’ve never known much about the stock market. Or even financial hacks for the everyday. Entrepreneurial business intricacies are out of my league. But I have found that by curating my social media feed, I’ve learned more about finances than I ever intended. Here are five female-run financial social media accounts I love to follow:

When it comes to Tori, the first thing I think of is empowerment. Not only is her story amazing, she’s actually including you by starting you off on a journey of your own. Her book, her podcast, and her app are built upon the idea of exchange and community, making you feel like all things are possible — even your own story of $100,000 by whatever age (if that’s your goal!) and more.

Selma is gonna keep it real with you — all the time, 100 percent — whether you like it or not. She has some amazing financial challenges that ask you to be honest, realistic, and accountable with yourself. This way you aren’t splurging but are simply preparing. Focusing on budgeting, including expenses like takeout and how often you get your nails done (or any other form of self-care), Selma and her challenges bring out the “back to basics” that we all need for a solid foundation.

I fell in love with Haley’s entertaining and hilarious delivery and then stayed for the real goods — her amazing insights. Taking a look at how the wealthy, the elite, and those in the news (and know) make money moves, Haley has an incredible way of breaking it down in everyday terms. She’ll make sure you have all the deets you need for your very own financial money moves.

Tiffany leads through real-life examples, sharing what she knows through her gifted and learned abilities. Tiffany has been there, done that, and lived to tell the tale — of finances and then some. Now, she wants you to learn from her mistakes — and equally as important, from her wins. Tiffany will inspire you to lead by example and make educated decisions in your own life.

When I learned that Dominique’s 18-month-old daughter was set to become a millionaire by age 16, I was amazed. Educating yourself is great. And as moms, we all yearn to take care of our children. But to provide a way for our kids to provide for themselves? That’s #goals. I have taken one of Dominique’s seminars, and the exposure to stock terminology was insightful and interesting — and it made moves seem possible. It gave me the courage to move forward for my own family, especially considering she was someone who looked like me. Hopefully, she can do the same for your and your family.

There are some amazing accounts out there to follow, but remember, it’s important to curate your feed to fit your ability and your potential. If we are the sum of those we surround ourselves with, shouldn’t we fill our social media feeds and timelines with the smart, strong, and knowledgeable women who are sharing what they know? So we can lift ourselves and each other?

When it comes to finances, we can all take simple and realistic steps starting wherever we are today. With a little diligence, we’ll find we’re building a much brighter tomorrow!

Amber Michele
Originally from Brooklyn, New York, Amber has lived in the Greater Boston area for double digits now. In previous years she spent her time commuting for auditions and SAG-AFTRA work between New York City and Boston. In May 2020, she became a mom to her daughter, who has kept her on her toes - and brings her joy ever since. Constantly on the lookout for "ways to elevate her every day," and yours too, she completed her yoga teacher training in 2021. An important reminder to find and create movement each and every day. Which is easy enough, with her love for - and a household full of music. From Biggie to Beethoven, to Billie Holiday and beyond, there's always sounds and dance parties to be had. Always keeping an eye out for creative adventures in and around New England, Amber will jump at any chance to visit the local farms to see the goats and simply be outdoors. Otherwise, she's often found by the window, calligraphy pen in hand, practicing her favorite craft. After enjoying a hiatus from the restaurant & hospitality industry while being a SAHM mom, Amber is currently working — and learning — in the world of tech. Amber will always hype: brunch and simply ALL food, dancing — even in the grocery store, travel and any chance to be at the beach. You can miss her with: cold wet weather (even though she was born in January?!) and horror movies. Look for more thoughts and musings from Amber at www.DivAmber.com.