The Sandwich Generation :: Caring for Aging Parents | Season 4: Episode 3

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The Sandwich Generation :: Caring for Aging Parents + Children with Maria Kent Beers

Today’s wicked good wellness episode is specifically for what is known as the “Sandwich Generation.” Or, those in the middle of caring for their children, and aging parents. Some of us are already in this stage of life, while others of us know we probably will be in this stage in the future. After losing her beloved mother, Amalia, to Frontotemporal Degeneration in 2020, today’s guest had a desire to share her mom and her experience as a caregiver to the world. And so, the seed for the Remember Me Podcast + Community was planted. Since its inception, the Remember Me Podcast has tripled its audience as the awareness for brain health, Alzheimer’s and FTD continues to grow. Thank you for tuning into The Sandwich Generation :: Caring for Aging Parents + Children with Maria Kent Beers. 

About Our Guest

Maria Kent Beers is the co-founder and co-host of the Remember Me Podcast + Community. Maria has always had a love of radio and editing, receiving a TV Production Degree from Boston University where she was a host of BU In The Morning Radio Show. She also spent time at MTV Radio as an intern in NYC before falling into the world of fashion merchandising for 7 years. Maria has served as a guest speaker at Alzheimer’s and caregiving conferences around the world, and continues to be a resource for others on the FTD journey.

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