book cover of "The Hidden Life of Aster Kelly"Atmospheric and unputdownable, “The Hidden Life of Aster Kelly” by Katherine A. Sherbrooke is filled with lovable but flawed characters and centers on the conflict between ambition and motherhood that so many women face. When we first learned the book’s author was from the Boston area, we knew it was the perfect first selection for the Wicked Good Moms Book Club!

With alternating timelines between 1940s Hollywood and the 1970s Broadway scene in New York, we follow Aster Kelly on her journey from model to mother. After winning a prestigious fashion-design contest, 20-year-old Aster flees the world of modeling in New York City and arrives in Hollywood at the height of its glamorous Golden Age, where she lands an apprenticeship with Fernando Tivoli, top designer to the studio starlets of the time. 

Aster and Fernando quickly become entangled with Hollywood power players, learning the hard way that no one is who they seem behind the glitz of the big screen. As Aster’s ambitions grow and she faces a crisis, and Fernando’s future is threatened by the judgmental Hollywood machine, Aster makes a decision that changes the trajectory of their lives forever.

Fast forward 25 years later, Aster’s daughter Lissy is on the cusp of Broadway stardom. With little more than a basic knowledge of her mother’s time in Hollywood, Lissy allows herself to be promoted as a second-generation starlet to help promote her debut show. When long-buried secrets blindside them both, mother and daughter are forced to question everything they thought they knew to be true about themselves and the people they love.

Join us for a discussion with Katherine on Instagram Live on January 25 at 8 p.m. We’ll be discussing “The Hidden Life of Aster Kelly,” how motherhood influences Katherine’s work, and how a busy mom of two finds the time to write!

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Brittany Kooienga
This writer has been brought to you today by copious amounts of caffeine and dry shampoo. Between raising two very active kiddos and two even more active beagles with her husband in Kingston, MA; Brittany has learned to take each hour as it comes. Not easy for a self-confessed Type A over planner. After earning her bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Suffolk University, she spent a few years in the marketing world before returning to school to earn a post-baccalaureate degree in Health Education. One month after completing her coursework, she and her husband welcomed their first child and she has been the primary caregiver for her children ever since. When she isn’t chasing kids or dogs, Brittany can be found in her home office where she works as an Operational Management Consultant, or in the kitchen coming up with new recipes her kids will actually want to eat. You can follow her kitchen adventures on Instagram at @thekidsateittoo.


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