What to Do When Your Elf Flies North

We are excited to partner with Kudo Banz to bring you this fun holiday gift!

‘Tis the season for Elf fun! Oh, how the kids light up when they find their Elf every morning. (And, oh, how parents love waking up at 3 a.m. when they realize they forgot about their nightly “Elf job.”) It is a beloved tradition in so many homes and definitely adds an extra “better be good” push. Kids seem to listen better, act nicer, and be happier. What a wonderful world!

All is going great, and then — BAM — it is Christmas Eve and Elf has to leave. Off to the North Pole Elf flies. What are kids and parents to do now? How can we keep up this happy home where kids listen and parents don’t yell?  

We have the answer to keep the holiday joy! Kudo Banz is your solution for year-round good behavior. It is the perfect gift for Elf to leave under the tree before he flies north. Elf’s Christmas wish is that kids will keep up the great listening while he is away, so Elf loves to give a parenting toy that can stay.

Santa made Kudo Banz new this year, so kids are excited to see what it’s all about. The elves have never made anything quite like it and are sure it will make a BIG positive difference in families everywhere.

Kudo Banz is a smart parenting toy that makes parenting easier by motivating kids to listen better in a fun and positive manner. It is a kid wristband with collectable themed charms earned for good behavior.

Santa knows parents are always looking for easy and effective ways to teach their children to “be good for goodness sake.” He also knows today’s families are constantly on the go, and that kids get super excited about digitally connected toys. Parents rely on positive reinforcement to parent their kids, but elves have to return to the North Pole and sticker charts are always stuck at home. Kudo Banz solves that problem — it’s on-the-go, positive, works all year round, and connects to a magical app!

The elves made Kudo Banz simple, yet brilliant. Kudo Banz is the only real-time parenting tool the elves have ever built. Parenting positively has never been easier. Check it out:

Santa is proud that his new parenting toy has won nine awesome awards since the elves completed their first one in June. The Kudo Banz buzz is spreading fast from the North Pole — kids love how it is super fun, and parents love how it is easy, on-the-go, and positive.

This year, it will be easier to say goodbye to Elf on Christmas Eve when you can say hello to Kudo Banz on Christmas. In fact, Elf would like the Kudo Banz gift to be from him. He even wrote a little note to go with the gift. Check out these fun FREE Elf notes.

Elf and Kudo Banz have teamed up to create happy homes all year round. May your home be filled with joy (happy kids), peace (happy parents), and love (happy family)! Merry Christmas.  

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