Easter tablescapeAs spring begins and Easter draws near, it’s time to start planning your festivities! Whether you’re hosting a gathering for family, friends, or both, creating a memorable Easter celebration is all about the details.

Easter brings loved ones together for meals and celebrations, strengthening bonds and creating a sense of togetherness. From egg hunts to themed decorations, there are countless ways to infuse your party with fun and excitement. Here are our top 10 ways to make sure your celebration is one to remember!

1. Decorate, decorate, decorate!

Setting the scene for your Easter party is the first step to creating a festive atmosphere. Add a touch of charm with adorable banners and honeycomb eggs. They’ll instantly brighten up your space and bring a whimsical Easter vibe to your party. Unlike fresh flowers (which we love!), they can be reused year in and year out. Like unboxing Christmas ornaments, it’s so fun to pull out spring decor after surviving the doldrums of winter.

Easter banners

2. Choose cheerful and seasonal tableware

When hosting a party with kids, you probably don’t want to bring out your grandmother’s delicate china. A fun and memorable alternative is to use Easter-themed paper goods. Whether you are looking for a bunny theme or something a little more nuanced, there are plenty of options to suit your style! Plus, paper goods make cleaning up a breeze.

Easter themed napkins, paper plates, and cups

3. Let kids make dessert!

Looking for a fun and delicious activity to keep your little ones entertained this Easter? Let them unleash their creativity with DIY carrot garden dirt cups! These adorable treats are not only easy to make, they also provide a hands-on experience kids of all ages will love. From decorating their own edible carrot patches to digging into layers of chocolatey goodness, this activity is sure to be a hit at your Easter celebration.

a chocolate dessert cup on an Easter paper plate

4. Host an Easter egg hunt 

No Easter party is complete without an egg hunt. You can even organize different hunts for different age groups to ensure everyone has a chance to participate. Don’t forget to designate a special golden egg with a grand prize for added excitement! You don’t have to go crazy when filling your eggs. My mom always fills her youngest grandchildren’s eggs with little bags of their favorite snacks — Goldfish, Cheerios, and puffs. They go wild with excitement, and you can save their sugar quota for dessert.

5. Easter baskets don’t have to take center stage

Surprise all your guests with carrot treat bags at their place setting. It’s a cheap and cheerful way to include everyone and add fun to the table. If you use candy to decorate your table like I do, you can let guests fill their own treat bags during the meal. Or, pre-fill them before the meal for an added surprise.

Carrot Treat bags on a dessert table6. Have an egg decorating contest

Are you a pro at Pysansky eggs or do you subscribe to the old fashioned dying method. (Or if you’re like me and still in the throes of toddlerhood, do you resort to stickers and paintbrushes to minimize mess?) Whatever method works for you, this is a classic and fun way to keep your family entertained while dinner cooks.

7. Create an Easter cookie swap 

Sugar cookie decorating isn’t reserved for the winter holiday season! Bake up a batch of sugar cookies in the shape of bunnies, chicks, and carrots, and provide your guests with royal icing, sprinkles, and edible glitter to decorate with. Plan ahead and have bags or cookie boxes ready for guests to take their cookies home.

8. Serve up sweet treats  

This adorable reusable and eco-friendly bunny tray (it’s dishwasher safe, too!) is both stylish and functional! Whether you’re using it to serve cupcakes at the dessert table or giving it as a hostess gift (or at only $20, you can do both!), this bunny is bound to make you smile.

Easter rabbit tray on a themed table

9. Make a Cadbury egg cake

Another delightful dessert idea: the Cadbury egg cake. I LOVE baking, and while there’s nothing like a cake made from scratch, sometimes busy moms just need to reach for a box — and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! Buy a few bags of small Cadbury chocolate eggs, separate them by color, and create a pattern on the cake you love. This was a huge hit at our last Easter gathering — and was even better the next day when the candy had softened a bit.

Cake decorated with Cadbury Eggs on an Easter table

10. Don’t forget the host!

If you’re not hosting the party, don’t forget to bring a memorable and unique hostess gift. Some of our spring favorites include floral-infused cocktail cubes, award-winning chocolate raspberry honey cream spread, a spring tea towel, or acrylic stir sticks.

a tea towel, floral infused cocktail cubes, and honey cream chocolate spread As busy moms, it’s so important that we allow ourselves to be present and enjoy the celebration alongside our loved ones. For this year’s Easter celebration, plan ahead, choose make-ahead food and beverages, and opt for “cheap and cheerful” decor that’s easy to set up and take down. Every holiday is a chance to create magical memories with your kids — cherish each moment!

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