Ah, new motherhood. We all remember those days. The exhaustion you can only understand once you’ve lived it. The constant need to be feeding, cleaning, and staying on schedule. It’s a beautiful time, but it’s also a hard one.

If you’re looking for something to gift to a new mom, we have just the thing.


New moms want more time, more energy, and fewer chores. What DON’T they want? Probably the lasagna you made (no offense). It is time to start gifting new moms and their families something useful, practical, and delicious. Give them fully cooked pre-made meals from Feast & Fettle!

Veteran moms know what it’s like to bring a new baby home. The laundry immediately triples, the dishes pile up quickly, and if you have other children to care for it often feels like you are drowning.

Imagine receiving an awesome pre-cooked and ready-to-eat meal delivered to your house. And you get to select it all! With Feast & Fettle, not only can you choose what you will eat but when you will receive it. The schedule is entirely up to the recipient, so go ahead and finish the casserole someone dropped off before you place your order!

Feast & Fettle is local! Based in Rhode Island and delivering to MA, CT, RI, and NH, Feast & Fettle meals are made fresh and hand-delivered around New England. Unlike many other meal-delivery options, a local team is making, packing, AND delivering your fresh food!

Gifting a week of Feast & Fettle meals is really easy. Simply visit the website and choose “Gifts.” Then, choose how many people you are feeding (1, 2, or 4) and how many weeks of meals you would like to send. Next, enter the recipient’s email address and zip code. It’s THAT simple. Your friend or family member will receive an email with instructions on how to order their home-cooked meals and have them delivered right to their doorstep.

Boston Moms contributing writer Dashanna recently welcomed her third baby and received a Feast & Fettle gift card from our team. Dashanna and her husband enjoyed the shaved steak sliders with peppers, onions, and provolone, while their son couldn’t get enough of the honey-thyme roasted carrots and simply grilled flank steak. Feast & Fettle is popular with families in part because you can get something for everyone, whether parents and kids eat the same things or not. Dashanna, who lives in Nashua, told us, “I didn’t need to cook or think about food for my family for a whole week! That’s a lot of time when you’re managing three meals a day for the entire family. It freed me up to eat with them and relax afterward.”

Eating Feast&Fettle
Dashanna’s son enjoying a Feast & Fettle meal

We love Feast & Fettle and highly encourage you to bless a new mom with this fail-safe gift. We KNOW she’ll love the food, and she’ll love the pressure it takes off of mealtime, too!

When you’re ready to order, just click here to visit the Feast & Fettle website and get started!


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