Halloween has been my favorite holiday since I was a little girl. It’s a holiday that combines dress-up, creativity, candy, crafts, and a little mischief — it was meant for me.

As a mom of two, now it’s three times as much fun, but also three times as much work. So, for the mom who loves costuming but doesn’t have enough time to go all out, here are some simple “mommy and me” DIY costumes that offer a real bang for your hour.

Curious George and the man with the yellow hat


What you need:

  • Yellow dress and leggings
  • Thick black belt
  • Yellow tie and a Sharpie or fabric paint to draw on the polka dots. Pro tip: Get a kids tie. They cost less.
  • Sombrero and yellow spray paint
  • Brown onesie and pants
  • A headband, some felt, a shoestring, and hot glue. Great tutorial on how to make the monkey accessories here.

Jareth and Toby from the “Labyrinth”


What you need:

  • White ruffly shirt
  • Black vest
  • Grey leggings
  • Black tall boots
  • A crazy blonde wig. You could even get one with long blonde hair and just cut the front to get the real 80s look.
  • Very legit necklace for sale here, or make your own with silver paint and cardboard
  • Awesome Jareth makeup tutorial here
  • Red-and-white striped onesie

Odette and Odile from “Swan Lake”


What you need:

  • Black long-sleeved shirt (better yet, a leotard), and black leggings
  • Black tutu
  • Black headband with black flowers on it
  • White footie pajamas or white onesie with white or pink tights
  • Ballet flats for both of you
  • If you want to go the Natalie Portman route, grab some awesome and inexpensive contacts

Sally and Zero from “Nightmare Before Christmas”


What you need:

  • Any patchwork dress, like this one from Amazon
  • Blue body paint (or blue body paint and blue leggings)
  • Long orange wig
  • White onesie
  • White pillow case with arm holes cut out
  • White jersey headband (or just a strip of white jersey fabric tied in a knot and left long and floppy for longer ears)
  • If your child is old enough, a red clown nose (or red face paint for kids too young to leave a clown nose on their face)

Rosemary and baby from… “Rosemary’s Baby”


Perfect for the mamas pushing strollers or pregnant this Halloween!

What you need:

  • Frumpy blue long-sleeved nightgown
  • Black stroller with with bassinet attachment (or just a pregnant belly)
  • Short blonde wig (or just cut your hair short — it’s the best. Seriously.)
  • Fake knife

Andy Warhol and a can of tomato soup


What you need:

  • Red long-sleeved shirt
  • White skirt (super cheap this time of year!)
  • Fabric paint and a little artistic license
  • Gold belt
  • Black baby turtleneck onesie and black pants
  • Hipster glasses
  • Hair spray to get the true Warhol look