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Are you looking to reconnect with someone who has passed on from this life? Want a sneak peek into what the future has in store for you? Get in the spirit of the season, and visit some of the best seers in the Boston area!

Tremont Tea Room

333 Washington St., Ste. 207B, Boston

Heralded as one of the nation’s oldest psychic establishments (it opened in 1936!), the Tremont Tea Room offers tarot card readings, tea leaf readings, mediumship, group parties, and even readings via email or over the phone! Contact (617) 504-6284 for booking information.

Heartfelt Angel Connections

1344 Washington St., Ste. 2, Hanover

Jo Petrie is a spiritual medium, offering medium, psychic, and angel card readings. In addition to offering individual readings, she also hosts both large and small group events and offers readings over the phone. If you are interested in learning, Jo offers classes in beginners mediumship! Call (781) 738-4400 for more information or to book.

Open Doors

395 Washington St., Braintree

Open Doors offers a large variety of services, including aura photo readings, tarot card readings, psychic readings, astrology, palm readings, mediumship, crystal ball readings, tea leaf or coffee ground readings, angel card readings, Akashic record readings, and past life readings! They also offer free reiki and energy healing sessions on Tuesday evenings. Call (781) 843-8224 for booking or more information.

Circles of Wisdom

386 Merrimack St., Methuen

Visit Circles of Wisdom to experience soul sketching — a uniquely personalized collage of symbols, colors, numbers, and shapes that provides you with an intuitive soul reading. They also offer many other services, including tarot and angel card readings, psychic mediumship, healing sessions, gem readings, and crystal bowl consultations. Call (978) 474-8010 for more information.

Regina Russell’s Tea Room

40 Franklin St., Quincy

Nationally famous for their phone readings, Regina Russell’s Tea Room is a staple in Quincy! In addition to offering psychic phone readings, they also offer spirit readings, tarot card readings, coffee ground and tea leaf readings, palm readings, crystal ball readings, astrology, and even jewelry readings! If you are interested in learning the fine art, you can also take classes on reading tarot cards yourself! Call 617-472-9606 for more information.

Women of Wisdom

118 Washington St., North Easton

If you have ever wished you understood your pets more, Women of Wisdom is the place to visit! They offer both readings and lessons on how to better understand animals. Women of Wisdom also offers a wide array of services, including angel and tarot card readings, psychic medium readings, Akashic record readings, past life readings, oracle readings, and spirit art readings, where the medium draws or paints pictures of loved ones who make themselves present during your reading! For more information, call (508) 230-3680.


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