Look, just because I’m a mom doesn’t mean I don’t need to have adventures, blow off some steam, and even be a little naughty sometimes. And thanks to the amazing and interesting offerings available in Boston, moms can do this in really fun yet safe (and socially acceptable!) ways. Whether you’re going for a girls night out or a solo day on the town, no more drunken nights ending with a tattoo of your kid’s name on your butt! (Oh wait, was that just me?)

When I had my midlife crisis a few years back, taking an improv class at Improv Boston and doing a nude photo shoot did the trick! But, occasionally, I need to live out some mini midlife crises, and one of these local seven is sure to hit the sweet spot. I hope you’ll find the experiences below great ways to either kick back and relax or blow off some steam through serenity, creativity, debauchery, and movement.

Howl at the moon

Howl at the Moon is a high-energy experience that is part piano bar and part live concert, with lots of dancing, singing along, and yes, howling is encouraged. Just what a stressed out mom needs during the witching hour — am I right?

Visit a winery

Ahh, wine. A stressed-out mom’s best friend, at times. And a visit to Boston’s only winery is a perfect girls night out — a great way to enjoy some great wine and take part in a fun activity at the same time. Boston Winery offers wine tastings on Saturdays and fun events like “Pasta and Wine Pairings” during the week. Wine tastings include a tour of the winery. Reservations are required and easily booked online.

Go pole dancing

Here comes the debauchery. Pole dancing. Yep, you’re a hot mom, you’re not afraid to own it, and you’re bringing sexy back with exotic pole dancing lessons. With locations in Dorchester, Newton, Brighton, and Malden, Boston Pole Fitness is sure to meet the needs of so many moms. The classes follow a clear progression, starting with an intro to poles class. There are various classes for every level of ability! This is a one-stop shop experience for moms wanting to get in touch with their naughty side while getting a good workout in.

Let out your rage

If you and your mom pals just need to blow off some steam, consider taking your next girls night out from Boston to Letz Rage in Fitchburg. There are a few different types of rooms, including a true rage room, where you can smash whatever your heart desires. Another room is a paint splatter room, where you can take home your masterpiece made from built-up rage. If you were impressed by the viral mom scream in Boston a few years ago, a rage room might be a great stress reliever.  

Get a massage — the easy way

I know what you’re thinking. “Massage? Sounds awesome — and I would love that — but I have really young kids and there is no way I have the time and energy to schedule and then go out and get a massage.” Well, what if the massage could come to you? Maybe even during nap time? Heck yes! Just simply book your massage and Boston Mobile Massage will come to your house — lotion, massage table, and all — and get into those stressed out muscles, stat. Rates start at $200, and they also offer chair massages by request.

Go dancing during the day

I’m going to be honest. I absolutely love to dance. But now that I’m a mom of a “certain age,” I really can’t deal with clubs that open at 11 p.m. and have me losing my much-needed beauty sleep. Daybreaker, however, is the ultimate morning-time dance party! The fact that Daybreak starts first thing in the a.m. makes this morning-person mama do an extra special happy dance! Daybreak dance parties start at 10 a.m. preceded by yoga at 9 a.m. They offer dance parties in most major cities — the best way to be “in the know” is to sign up for the Boston newsletter.

Have some good old fashioned fun

I’m a mom of teenagers, and sometimes connecting with them is best done through activities that pique their interest. But why let the teenagers have all the fun? Head to a Boston-area arcade for your next girls night out and play Skee-Ball to your heart’s content. You can even use the tickets you win on something silly for yourselves. Or, go for a round of mini golf or a game of bowling. Do the things you would do with your kids — but leave them at home. We are all kids at heart, so let that kid out and do something playful for a change!

Honorable mentions

Artisan Asylum

For those ulta-creative moms who like to destress by creating something cool.


For the moms who need a quick “serenity now” moment for free and without leaving the house.

North Shore Glass School

Right in Salem, this studio has a variety of glass classes that make a great ladies night out!

This post was originally published in 2017 and was updated for 2024 by Michelle Mady.


Jenny Berk
Jenny is a crass and pushy (read = sweet) native New Yorker who has always had a penchant for New England, after attending Brandeis for 4 years, but especially so after meeting her husband Barry, who also happened to live in Boston. After marrying, and creating 3 awesome daughters - ages, 11, 8 and 6 - she and her husband moved to Needham and love it there! Jenny is a Certified Eating Psychology Coach, Mindful Eating Instructor and Wellness blogger. She loves writing about how Mom's can navigate and prioritize their health and positive body image after having children. When she's not trying to figure out how the heck to parent a tween, She can be found blogging at the Huffington Post, (healthy living section) and on her site www.jennyedencoaching.com. Heck yes! - mindfulness, kettlebells, body acceptance, yoga, traveling the word and eating decadent and unctuous (vegetarian) food. No way, man! - arthritis at 40, allergies to anything, animal cruelty, waiting in line.