Teresa Kett

Teresa has lived in the Boston area for nearly 15 years, but remains surprised each winter when that first really cold day takes her breath away. She's most likely to be found snuggled in a blanket with at least some of these things -- books, a newspaper, a tea latte, a glass of wine, her kids and her New England-native husband who can't be convinced to move south. She lives in the Boston suburbs and dreams of a someday when she can spend the winter with her toes in the Florida sand she grew up with. Until then, she's enjoying raising kids who will tell anyone who asks, "We cheer for the Bruins, the Red Sox, the Patriots and the Florida Gators." As a former journalist who changed careers when she moved north for graduate school, Teresa is excited to return to regular writing as a Boston Moms Blog contributor. 
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Enjoying Playground Picnic Season This Summer

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy a picnic lunch or supper at the playground, a town concert, or wherever your day takes you. The last thing I want to do after daycare pickup on a beautiful day is get stuck inside cooking dinner. So I've been on the hunt for easy, portable foods my kids enjoy. Here are a few of our go-to meals, packing tips, and items to keep stocked in the fridge during summer picnic season. 
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10 Exciting Milestones — for Preschoolers!

No more diapers. Or pull-ups. Or swim diapers. Or anything other than underwear! My kids are about 1.5 years apart, so it feels like we've been living with diapers for eternity. But once they're gone, the feeling is awesome. (Both for your kid's accomplishment and the family budget.)
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To VBAC or Not :: One Mom’s Decision

I agonized over this decision. I didn't want surgery if I didn't need it. And I appreciated the lack of pressure from my doctor. Medically, she said the result of labor would probably be the same as my first and end in C-section. But it might not, so it was up to me.
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Our Favorite Activities for a Rainy Day

"Haul out blankets and sheets, clothespins, and extra chairs. Turn a living room, playroom, or any room into a rainy day oasis. My kids like for me to help them drape the blankets across the couches, pull in extra chairs for reinforcement, and clip everything in place with clothespins or some sturdier clamps. They drag their stuffed animals and lots of books to their new hideout, and they pretend they're somewhere else."
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Shouting “Fire” on an Airplane, and Other Learning-to-Read Tales (Plus Tips!)

Like my son, I love to read. And I'm thoroughly enjoying this "kid learning to read" stage of parenting. He's sounding out words, puzzling through signs, and excitedly figuring out this new world of letters all around him that magically make words. His new skill inspired me to guide him beyond picture books.
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Making Leprechaun Mischief on St. Patrick’s Day

Last year we had quite the party. We did all the stuff we usually do and brought along a box of our favorite cereal — Lucky Charms! That box is so big and we're so tiny, it's no wonder it spilled all over your kitchen table. I bet you enjoyed eating it all, especially since it's a special St. Patrick's Day treat your mom won't buy the rest of the year. Oh, and last year I think we might have even dyed your toilet water green!
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Handwashing for Kids :: 3 Tips to Encourage 20 Seconds

Runny noses, coughs, and middle-of-the-night vomiting seem inevitable this time of year. And with two kids in daycare, I'll try anything to keep them healthy and at school instead of sick at home! One proven way to fight germs and prevent sickness? Handwashing!
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To Share or Not to Share…

We took the bunk beds plunge earlier this summer, and I recommend it. I realize sharing is just plain reality for larger families or those with only a couple of bedrooms, and you just make it work. But for those debating it, or perhaps facing it due to a new baby on the way, here's how and why we made a shared bedroom work in our three-bedroom house with two kids. 
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5 Things I Didn’t Know About Saving for College

When our first child was on the way, my husband and I started looking into saving for college for our baby. Yes, we started early. I was and still am daunted by the cost of college and how to save. As it turns out, figuring out the process isn't so bad. Coming up with the money is the more challenging part! 
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Advice for a Newbie Hockey Mom

My 5-year-old starts his first hockey program this weekend. He looks adorable in his too-big Boston Bruins jersey and tiny ice skates. He skated for the first time just before he turned 2. But this month his skate shuffles have turned into glides, and he's no longer afraid of falling (and can get up on his own!) because of all that protective gear. He's ready. But am I ready to become a hockey mom?
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Two Truths and a Lie — the Family Dinner Table Version

In addition to the built-in bonding at our family dinner hour, our "Two Truths and a Lie" game helps teach logic.
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Flag Day :: 4 Ways to Share Patriotism With Kids

In honor of Flag Day, I'm going to share patriotism with my kids. I want them to recognize the flag, the pledge, the national anthem, and patriotic songs.