Emily Fahle

After an illustrious career in politics (including stints on Capitol Hill and on a presidential campaign) and then reinsurance (yeah, that was a career change), Emily decided to once again make a bold move and stay at home after her first daughter was born. Daughter number two came shortly thereafter, and when daughter number three made her debut it became an official girl tribe! The Fahle girls keep super busy and active exploring their beloved town of Scituate and all that Boston and the South Shore have to offer! Emily is currently experiencing getting along with an infant who believes mom is a Holstein, a preschooler who is smarter than her, and a 2-year-old who has drama in her veins. Emily never knew coffee and wine would be such an essential part of her day.
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Down a Kid and Gaining a Whole Bunch of Time

Only time will tell what I will do with my newfound free time. What I do know is that I will continue to try my hardest to enjoy this short period when I have kiddos home with me who want to be around me. Even on our most overwhelming days, they always know how to put a smile on my face and close the day out with love and a snuggle. That is a treasure I wouldn't give up for all the time in the world.

Easy Medicine Dosing :: OnCure App

We are in the heart of cold and flu season. With three active kids (two of whom are in school), a lot of germs go through our house. With those germs come many fevers. Many, many fevers. I was recently introduced to a really nifty app, OnCure, that makes tracking medicine dosages much easier (and safer!).
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Banding Together to Lower Babysitting Rates

In other parts of the country, families pay sitters considerably less. So I came up with a few ideas to alleviate the cost burden of paying for babysitting.
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We Have Never Had Christmas at Home — and I’m Fine With That

They say there's no place like home for the holidays, but for us, the magic of Christmas is not lost when we don't wake up in our own beds Christmas morning. The magic of Christmas for our family is cousins piling on each other like puppies, Grandma baking too many cookies, and aunts and uncles bantering. Santa still finds us, and we get to share the excitement with our extended family. We may not have Christmas at home, but it's our holiday tradition, and it's special to us. Christmas may never be at "home," but home is when we are all together.
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Boston Moms Guide to Drop-In Childcare

Here at Boston Moms Blog, we know how tricky it is to find spontaneous childcare. So we put together this guide of childcare providers that offer "drop-in" hours for parents. Each childcare provider has different specifications, costs, and options, but all offer flexible, drop-in childcare for your daytime coverage needs!
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13 Outside-the-Box Gift Ideas for a New Mom

As a third-time mom, I like to think I have a few tricks up my sleeve to offer. Whether you want to give a gift to a mom who is on her second or third newborn, or if you are like me and like to go rogue off the registry, try one of these outside-the-box gift ideas for a new mom!
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Fall for Soup :: 6 Tried-and-True Recipes Your Family Will Love

Grab a loaf of crunchy French bread and get your fall soup pot on! These are all tried-and-true recipes in our house — please share yours, too!
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Boston Moms’ Guide to Fall Fairs and Festivals

In addition to all things pumpkin and apples, New England offers great fall fairs. Grab your funnel cake money and check out one of these autumn festivals!
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The Getting-Out Guide :: Boston’s Best Events for Kids This August

If you are looking for events to keep your family entertained this August in Boston, we've got you covered!
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Strolling for the Safety 1st RIVA Travel System

As we are always on the go, I need a travel system that is functional and easy to use. Enter the new RIVA travel system by Safety 1st!

The Getting-Out Guide :: Boston’s Best Events for Kids This July

If you're looking for Boston events to keep your family entertained this July, we've got you covered! There are so many great activities this summer!

The Getting-Out Guide :: Boston’s Best Events for Kids This June

If you are looking for Boston events to keep your family entertained this June, we've got you covered! Our monthly events guides are on hand to be sure you don’t miss a thing happening...