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OnCure app — Boston Moms BlogWe are in the heart of cold and flu season. With three active kids (two of whom are in school), a lot of germs go through our house. With those germs come many fevers. Many, many fevers. I was recently introduced to a really nifty app, OnCure, that makes tracking medicine dosages much easier (and safer!).

According to poison center reports, parents make medicine dosage mistakes every eight minutes. This is scary, but as a parent, I can relate. How many times have I groggily measured out a fever-reducing medicine while half asleep in the middle of the night? One unnerving instance was when I gave my daughter fever-reducing medicine and, unbeknownst to me, my husband had already given her medicine only an hour before. She was fine, but it was a definite mom fail. 

OnCure app — Boston Moms BlogEnter OnCure. This handy iOS app was created by a mother who was frustrated by trying to properly keep track of her daughter’s medication when she was running a really high fever. She searched for an app to help her manage and could not find one. In true #momboss fashion, she decided to create one herself!

It works like this: OnCure combines three key components to ensure parents administer medicine accurately and help them minimize mistakes. The first component is that all information about over-the-counter fever reducers is shown in a clear, simple way to the user every time he or she gives a dose. The second helpful piece of OnCure is a flexible and dynamic schedule that eliminates the need to preset reminders! The app’s unique schedule allows for spacing reminders all within the app. Additionally, if the child needs more than one medication (or is alternating between two fever reducers), it is easy to keep dosages straight. Finally, the third component of OnCure is to have all caregivers synced simultaneously through the app, without having to call, text, or leave notes. The user can invite caregivers to the app’s platform, thus keeping everyone seamlessly (and literally) on the same page.

OnCure app — Boston Moms BlogThe complimentary initial download of OnCure allows users to experience the app during the course of the first episode of their child’s sickness. I think this is a great feature to let parents determine how useful the app is as well as its potential to make their lives easier during a stressful time. To manage unlimited episodes, as well as to track multiple kids at the same time, there is a one-time small payment of $1.99. To allow caregivers’ synching, there is an additional one-time payment of $0.99.

The vision behind OnCure is to provide parents with a simple, easy-to-use, reliable application to help manage and track over-the-counter fever reducers, minimize medication mistakes, and provide parents with peace of mind during a stressful time. While I don’t wish for my daughters to get ill, at least now I know I will have a solid tool to help us all get through it. If you are interested in checking out OnCure for yourself, you can download it here!

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