Mom Icons in TV and Film

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Have you ever watched a show or movie and seen a character go through some sort of antic and thought, “Same!” Before becoming a mom (or wife), I remember watching “Sex and the City” and thinking how extra Charlotte seemed wearing a dress that was the full McDougal plaid or making that first seder meal.

Well, I get it. Pictured below, see my husband and me rocking matching outfits for not one, but two holidays this year. (And not pictured is me on any holiday or family dinner trying to make sure everything is just right.)

Fourth of July

And my penchant for finding mom icons in TV and movies doesn’t stop there. There are loads of mom characters who I find to be super relatable — here are some of my favorites!

Kate Foster (Catherine Reitman) inWorkin’ Moms

Not only is Kate a successful public relations executive, she balances her work/life with grace (sometimes). She’s relatable because she makes mistakes, and while she tries to always stay focused on everything, whether it’s her job, husband, or kids, she doesn’t pretend to be perfect. Without giving away spoilers (because you can binge the show on Netflix, she and her cast of mom friends are hilarious, and some of their adventures are all too familiar.

Joan Hollaway (Christina Hendricks) in “Mad Men”

Joan is a character who really grows throughout the series, starting as an office manager and advancing to be a junior partner. During her journey, she leaves work briefly to get married (the show takes place in the ’50s/’60s) and returns and continues to work even after having a baby. She ends up bringing her mother to live with her full time to help take care of her son as she works. No daycare and being in a male-dominated industry? No problem. She is a powerful, fashionable, and sexy mom who carves her own path! 

Kate Reddy (Sarah Jessica Parker) in “I Don’t Know How She Does It”

I haven’t experienced a bake sale yet for my child, but I have seen how crazy dietary restrictions can be when it comes to children in school. There’s a classic scene where Kate forgets there is a bake sale and “makes” a pie from the store look more homemade. Semi-homemade at its finest.

Amy Mitchell (Mila Kunis) in “Bad Moms”

Don’t we feel like we’re trying to do it all sometimes? Not only does Amy stand up to the uptight PTA moms, she brings herself back to earth and finds her own balance after flying a little off the rails (but who hasn’t, right?). Plus, her group of mom friends played by Kristen Bell and the ever-funny Kathryn Hahn make them the three musketeers you didn’t know you needed.

Lucille Bluth (Jessica Walter) in “Arrested Development”

She’s not quite a mom role model, but her relationship with her husband and her children is a comedic blend of sass, matriarchy, and vodka. Buzzfeed listed some of her most savage moments here.

Moira Rose (Catherine O’ Hara) in “Schitt’s Creek”

If you haven’t seen her as Mrs. Johnny Rose (my spirit animal), you might recognize her as Kevin McCallister’s mom from “Home Alone.” Maybe she’s not quite a role model, but she is a career-driven mother who truly loves her husband, and their relationship is a partnership that stands the ultimate test of living in a shared motel space with their adult children. 

Kristina, Sarah, Julia, and Jasmine Braverman (Monica Potter, Lauren Graham, Erika Christensen, and Joy Bryant, respectively) in “Parenthood

My husband and I recently finished this series with my teenage stepkids, and they loved and appreciated the show and characters as much as we do. Each of these moms battles different challenges, whether it be their own career journey, their partner’s career, fighting for their children, or navigating dynamics with their in-laws. You feel like you’re a part of the Braverman clan laughing and crying through every season.

Who’s your favorite TV or movie mom?

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