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Despite whatever Mother Nature is throwing at us this spring, the calendar does indicate that there are only days left in the school year! Since this year was my first go ’round with a child in school full time, this is also my first year experiencing the telltale signs that school is wrapping up. Soon, unstructured days full of play, fun, and wonder will be the norm. As a newbie to this end-of-the-school-year timeframe, here are some of the signs I’m seeing that school is coming to an end — and summer is on its way.

My child has switched into full-time shorts mode.

Yes, we had some very pleasant days in early May when shorts were warranted. But with last week’s chilly temps, we’ve had to negotiate to pants, rain boots, and, on occasion, his winter coat (still!) to keep him warm throughout the day.

Our calendar is packed.

We’ve moved on to near-weekly events both in kindergarten and preschool, with art shows, field trips, musical performances, and fun days where parents are invited to attend and participate.

The ice cream truck is back.

My kids’ ears are always listening for the elusive ice cream man. The melodious song from his truck first reappeared in our neighborhood on May 1. (Though we have yet to catch him this year.)

The teachers are losing steam.

It seems like gym time and recess are starting to take up the majority of the school day, at least as reported by my 5-year-old.

The school bus driver is losing steam.

Our bus driver seems to be losing more patience each morning and afternoon. But I can’t help but think what a hero she is to get all the kids to school safely, despite their increasing rambunctiousness.

I’m so over packing lunches.

I’ve started allowing my kindergartner to buy lunch more during the week — beyond just Friday pizza — if I see something on the menu I know he’ll eat. I’ve been pushed to the edge with returned uneaten sandwiches, pasta, and fruit that were eaten all year long, and now suddenly are not.  

It’s strawberry season!

Fresh strawberries are now cut up and packed for snacks since they are finally in season!

We’re breaking out the frozen treats.

Popsicles and ice cream are making regular appearances in my house for after-meal treats. And in his “senses of spring” writing assignment at school, my son even wrote that spring “tastes like popsicles.”

We’re slowing down in the mornings.

We’ve had a few close calls with missing the bus lately. We just haven’t been able to get our act together as quickly as we could earlier in the year!

And the countdown to summer is on!

Every day, my kindergartner reminds me how many days he has left in kindergarten — and how many days until he is officially a first grader. And I nostalgically reminisce about how lightning fast this school year has flown. 

As summer approaches, I want to thank all teachers and school staff everywhere for all you do. Happy summer!

Kate Cotter
Kate came to New England for college a decade and a half ago, and fell in love with all things Boston. She is the mom of two beautiful baby boys, ages 2.5 & 10 months, and loves watching them explore this lovely area of the country, experiencing Boston through their eyes. Heart-filling: spending time with my family, spontaneous hugs, kisses and “I love you Mommy” from my boys, reading great books, fall in New England, the Adirondacks, golden retriever puppies (don’t have any yet!), coffee, champagne, and serendipity. Can do without: Boston traffic, inconsiderateness, never-ending winters and stir-craziness.