Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early spring last month, and despite the inches of snow and polar vortex that followed a few days after his forecast, I’m siding with Phil and am very hopeful that spring weather is indeed just around the corner — we moms have little ones eager to play outside all day long!

Soon, cabin fever and stir-craziness will be replaced with outdoor fun and many a spring adventure in our beautiful city of Boston. Here are a few outside activities my family and I love to partake in when the sunshine is abundant and the temps become mild:

Riding carousels

My older son discovered carousels last summer, and he’s now a tried-and-true fan — he would ride them all day long if it were up to him! As soon as it’s warm enough for a light jacket and sneakers, to the carousels we will go. He loves the aquatic-themed carousel on Atlantic Avenue in Boston (across from the New England Aquarium). And last summer he was thrilled to be riding the Paragon carousel right by the ocean! The Boston Common carousel is another favorite.


Feeding the ducks and swans in the Public Garden

My kids love sharing some of their favorite snacks with the ducks and swans in the Public Garden, when the birds return from their winter hiatus. And while in the Public Garden, we also love to…

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Pay homage to the “Make Way for Ducklings” statue

Ducklings and spring are synonymous, and “Make Way for Ducklings,” by Robert McCloskey, is a classic Boston tale. And, fun fact, it’s the official children’s book of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts! It’s always fun to visit the statue of Mrs. Mallard and Jack, Kack, Lack, Mack, etc., and snap a photo with them as the trees in the Public Garden start budding and the flowers begin popping up.

Jack on duck

People watching in Faneuil Hall

With the mild temps and the sunshine bouncing off the cobblestones in Faneuil Hall, this open marketplace offers an excellent opportunity to sit on the welcoming benches and watch the bustle of all who come and go. With entertainers playing music, performing magic tricks, and providing laughs for everyone in the family, Faneuil Hall is a fun place to enjoy the spring season before heat and humidity take over.

Long walks with the stroller, going out for ice cream for the first time of the season, kicking the ball around outside, going down slides and flying high on swings, bringing the flip flops out of hiding, and watching the days grow longer and longer are some of my most favorite parts of this imminent season.

What are your favorite spring adventures in and around Boston?


Kate Cotter
Kate came to New England for college a decade and a half ago, and fell in love with all things Boston. She is the mom of two beautiful baby boys, ages 2.5 & 10 months, and loves watching them explore this lovely area of the country, experiencing Boston through their eyes. Heart-filling: spending time with my family, spontaneous hugs, kisses and “I love you Mommy” from my boys, reading great books, fall in New England, the Adirondacks, golden retriever puppies (don’t have any yet!), coffee, champagne, and serendipity. Can do without: Boston traffic, inconsiderateness, never-ending winters and stir-craziness.


  1. Everything at Castle Island – the playground, Sullivan’s reopening, flying kites, watching planes take off and cargo ships pass by, the re-greening of the grass, etc.

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