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Dear toddlers,

This Mother’s Day, why not give mom something she’s always wanted?! 

Informal polling of a few local moms offered the following suggestions for their toddler children: Broadly speaking, moms’ wish lists from their toddlers include emotional awareness, self-control, some degree of wisdom, and volume control. Also, the verbal ability to communicate why the red plate is so devastating. But these are the really big ticket items, and we understand if these are out of your range. So we’ve assembled a few more reasonable options. Here they are, by category.


Mom would really love to use toilet paper that hasn’t been re-rolled onto the tube. If you’re looking for a precious gift, why not try giving her her very own roll? If you’re feeling really generous, throw in a voucher for one trip to the bathroom completely alone.

Speaking of bathrooms, you could skip the very loud narration of exactly what mom is doing in the public bathroom stall (“MOM, ARE YOU PEEING?” “MOM, WHAT IS THAT ON YOUR BUM?!”). Local moms agree — she would really appreciate it.

Public appearances

Mom’s been dreaming about the Boston Duckling Day for months — she’s got the costume preordered and it wasn’t even from #AmazonPrime. Want to make her day? Smile adorably while wearing the feathers, don’t run into the tulips screaming, and pose for a photo op without complaint. Give her an #instagramlife IRL for one glorious hour, and she’s guaranteed to smile.


While we’re at it, after she’s ‘grammed it, mom really wants to be able to eat her own food — and have you eat yours. Yes, she knows hers looks better. But it doesn’t after you’ve tried it and spit it back onto her plate, declaring it “dis-dusting.” Give mom a big girl plate of her very own and keep your fingers to yourself for one day!

On the topic of food, we all know iced coffee was invented by a mom who just couldn’t get five minutes to drink her coffee hot. And everyone knows that #BostonRunsOnDunks iced coffee. But regardless of whether it’s hot or cold, can mom please just finish a cup of coffee before the hot kind gets cold or the iced coffee’s ice melts? Choose this one and she’s guaranteed to be awake enough to say thank you.


Mom would also really love it if once — just once — in the middle of the night, you would remember that the other parent also can find your missing sock. He’s also trained in giving one last hug, bringing water, and helping you use the potty for the 586,941,457th time.

Oh, and the one traditional gift that never gets old for Mom? Breakfast in bed. Better yet, you can delay the breakfast part and just let her stay in bed, asleep, under the covers, for as long as she wants. If you really want to be an overachiever, you could try sleeping through the night (so she can too). That will win you bragging rights and possibly even favorite child status for a week or two. Throw a couple eggs and some toast that you haven’t licked on top and you’re set for a month.


Other things that would really make mom’s day? Spontaneous potty training, lack of public temper tantrums, declarations of undying affection, cards that are funny but not so funny that they make her pee (thank you, third child), flowers that you picked yourself, kindness to your siblings, not undoing what she’s just cleaned up, and lots of sweet kisses.

We hope these suggestions are helpful. Please feel free to pick more than one.


Moms of toddlers everywhere

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