Photo courtesy Donnie Ray Jones via Flickr.

When I was pregnant with my twins, I found lots of information about handy tools that helped get through the first year of infancy. Now, as my twins are bolting into toddlerhood (literally), I find that there are different survival tools to get through the days. Obviously, we still need things like a double stroller and two of pretty much everything from car seats to toys, but what gets us through these trying days are things that cannot be purchased on Amazon.

Here are a few survival tools for twin toddlerhood.

A sense of humor

There are days that are so chaotic, really all I can do is laugh. Like the day I decided to try fingerpainting with my toddlers, and in the time it took to wipe off my oldest’s hands, the twins were covered head to toe in paint and dancing on the table. One toddler can do plenty of damage when you dare to turn away, but when there are two, it’s laughable what they are capable of accomplishing. Sometimes you just have to take a step back from the chaos and laugh to prevent yourself from having a meltdown.

A schedule

Having a good schedule that keeps everyone well-rested and fed when they need it is key no matter how many kids you have. However, with twins, deviating from the schedule means that you now have two hungry, cranky toddlers to contend with. The bonus? They have someone to fight with and take it out on when they are feeling crabby. I find I am much more rigid with sticking to the schedule with my twins than I was when I had one toddler.


As much as sticking to the schedule makes life so much easier, there are days when it is just not possible. Someone may get sick or skip a nap and things just don’t go as planned. Or maybe it’s a holiday or you’re on vacation or you just want to do something fun for the day that takes them off of their routine. It’s so important to be able to go with the flow, even though it can be hard. Sometimes, giving my kids a really great experience, though it is often a lot of work for us parents, is worth taking us out of our comfort zone. Being flexible (and having that above-mentioned sense of humor) will help make things more fun for everyone.

Other twin moms

I was fortunate to find MetroWest Parents of Multiples when I was pregnant with my twins. Through the club, I have made some wonderful twin mom friends. These are people who “get it” and keep each other sane by trading twin war stories and knowing that we are not alone in this crazy journey of raising twins. We can also exchange tips, tricks, and even clothes and enjoy many outings throughout the year both with and without our kids. Whether it’s joining a local club, finding a Facebook group, or meeting people out and about, I have found talking with other twin moms very comforting during these often-stressful early years.

Though most of these tips also apply to parents with just one toddler, I find that they take on a new importance when you have more than one at the same time!