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Moving to Greater Boston :: Hopedale

Although Hopedale is tiny, there are plenty of things to do that are simple and fun, especially for families.
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Was It Worth It? Traveling With 3 Toddlers

Last summer, my husband and I took our three kids on a road trip. After traveling with three toddlers, some of our friends asked, "Is it worth it?"
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The Travel Tip That Eased Worries

As we started to plan for our first big family vacation, I thought I had it all together. We were flying south and renting a big beach house with several family members for a...
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Toddler Twin Survival Tips

As my twins are bolting into toddlerhood (literally), I find that we need different survival tools to get through the days.
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The New Mom’s “Simple Task” of Taking a Shower

Before I had kids, I was always hearing new moms talk about what a privilege it is to be able to take a good shower. Others would say they hoped their baby would let...
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Cloth Diapers? Good Luck With That :: Words of Encouragement

When I was pregnant, I had all sorts of ideas and goals about parenting. Some I stuck with, and some went out the window. But one thing that always drew eye rolls, snickers, and,...
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Considering Adoption? Things You Should Know

Having spent over a decade guiding families through their journey of adopting a child, I know how much information is out there. Even after all these years working as an adoption program director at...

Hosting Halloween :: Family Traditions for a Festive Holiday

I come from a family that embraces Halloween. For us, this holiday is a great excuse to get everyone together, and we've discovered a variety of family traditions made for October 31. Even before...
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Don’t Forget to Feed Mom :: Quick and Easy Breakfast Recipes

It happens too often. I have all three kids fed, dressed, shoes on, teeth brushed. We've got our diaper bags packed and ready to go. I'm dressed and ready. We're about to get in...
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It Gets Easier :: The Difference a Year Makes

When our twins were born we often heard, "It gets easier" — like most new moms do. Then there is the, "Wait until..." group that threatened the light at the end of our tough...
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Embrace the Chaos: Learning to Love Summer

All winter long, the "dreaming of summer" posts pop up on Facebook, and as spring approaches everyone talks about how thrilled they are that summer is coming. But when you're a routine-loving, fall/winter mom...
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Getting Around With Kids :: Baby Carriers and Strollers for Our 3 Under 3

When my twins were born, I wondered how we would ever be able to navigate life with them and my son, who was 20 months old at the time. It has been 10 months,...