Thank you, Must Be the Milk, for sponsoring this fantastic event for so many moms!

Some nights just scream fall, especially in New England! On October 5, 100 moms enjoyed a lovely night at Hornstra Farms in Norwell for a farm-to-table night out with our sponsor, Must Be the Milk. We enjoyed salads and pizza from Oath Pizza and a make-your-own brownie sundae bar with fresh-from-the-farm ice cream! 

Must Be The Milk promotes a love for New England and New York dairy farms and farmers. They do so much for us and our communities. Must be the Milk strives to educate about dairy farming, promote the purchase and consumption of milk and dairy foods, and help support farmers through fundraising.

Hornstra Farms

John and Lauren Hornstra opened their farm to us to enjoy and explore. Hornstra Farms provides fresh milk to the community, an ice cream bar that is open to the public, a farm store full of freshly made treats, and gorgeous, hormone-free cows that spend their days grazing in the pasture. Everyone at our event got an opportunity to tour the farm, meet the cows, and learn a little bit more about one of the last working dairy farms on the South Shore.

We were so excited to get moms out for a fun night to connect, enjoy, and learn. It was so special to get a behind-the-scenes tour of one of Massachusetts’ local dairy farms. We got a chance to learn, ask questions, see the passion farm workers have for what they do, and get close and personal with the cows!

Giveaways and swag

In addition to yummy salad and personal pizzas, moms had the opportunity to win some great giveaways from both local and national companies! Check out some of the great opportunities they had!

Every mama went home with a swag bag full of goodies and had the chance to grab even more goodies, thanks to Must Be the Milk!

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