It was February vacation when I let the KonMari tidying process change my life forever.

I first heard quiet mentions about the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up when my best friend reported that she’d finished reading it. I didn’t pay it much mind but had a fleeting thought that I too should do some “purging” soon.  

A month or so later, a second friend reported that she was in the process of becoming an official KonMari consultant. I probed for details. A few conversations later, I’d roped my friend Kristyn into flying to Boston to lead me through the process of tidying my home. 

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What is KonMari?

KonMari is a lifestyle choice where you sift through every item in your home and then decide what you will keep or let go based on a simple measurement of joy. If the item brings you joy, you should find a place for it. If the item does not incite feelings of joy, you should remove it from your environment. The process relies more on your values than on the restrictive rules of minimalism. Also, the process challenges you to stop and assess the piles of stuff in your home. One by one, you must decide if the item before you brings you true joy. Does it spark a joyful feeling when you touch it? Does it bring you happiness just by seeing it? Or does it fit your most joyful picture of what your happiest life could be?  

Why it worked for me  

Traditional home organizing involves purging 10% of your stuff and then storing the remainder in containers and bins. KonMari tidying reaches way deeper than this. I let go of massive amounts of items — way more than ever before. I did not need to waste money on bins in the process. In fact, because I touched every item in my home, I actually found money tucked in various pockets and bags. In the end, the remaining items practically organized themselves. 


And after!

Should you try it?

We made our KonMari marathon a family affair. It was nice to see the kids let go of some of their unused items without sadness. Everyone should take a look at this method. If you are feeling overwhelmed by years of clutter, read the book or call a consultant to jump-start your progress toward clearing out your space. It helped our family tremendously, and I am sure it could help yours!

Timika Hopkins
Timika was born and raised in Massachusetts. She grew up in the South End of Boston, attended school in Brookline, and eventually lived in Dorchester prior to college. After leaving the north to attend The University of Virginia, she realized she missed Boston, and she eventually found her way back to a small suburban town on the south shore. She is married to Ryan, and together they have three of the nicest, funniest kids you’d ever meet. Timika embraces the term “Jack of All Trades”. She is literally interested in the most eclectic bunch of subjects. She loves planning activities with her children, she is a certified lactation counselor, a school nurse, she owns a lice clinic in Medford, she has completed a marathon (and has plans to do one more), and she (currently) enjoys learning to paint and computer code.