Timika Hopkins

Timika was born and raised in Massachusetts. She grew up in the South End of Boston, attended school in Brookline, and eventually lived in Dorchester prior to college. After leaving the north to attend The University of Virginia, she realized she missed Boston, and she eventually found her way back to a small suburban town on the south shore. She is married to Ryan, and together they have three of the nicest, funniest kids you’d ever meet. Timika embraces the term “Jack of All Trades”. She is literally interested in the most eclectic bunch of subjects. She loves planning activities with her children, she is a certified lactation counselor, a school nurse, she owns a lice clinic in Medford, she has completed a marathon (and has plans to do one more), and she (currently) enjoys learning to paint and computer code.
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The Smartphone Debate :: Wait Until 8th, or Embrace Smartphone Use?

What if I told you Silicon Valley executives are holding off on exposing their own children to smartphones until they reach age 14? Would it give you pause?  
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Want to Learn Mandarin? Try 1-on-1 Tutoring with Asian Language School

When the opportunity to introduce my daughter to an Asian language came up, I knew I had to sign up. This is our take on that attempt to learn Mandarin.  
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Mom-and-Daughter Time :: Coding Boot Camp

This year I decided to spend my summer taking a journey into the world of computer coding. I decided I needed guided, intense learning — a coding boot camp.

Kids Need a Ride? A Review of Zemcar’s Ride-Share Service for Families

Between parents' work schedules and children's activity schedules, there are times when we could use an extra set of hands. This is where Zemcar comes in.
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Helping My Kids Reach Their Goals :: End-of-Year Wrap-Up

Before the school year began, we called a Family Goals Meeting over pizza, fruit, and juice boxes. Then we went to the whiteboard to hash out the goals.
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What’s Food School, Anyway? Our Story of Childhood Food Aversions

For the first six months of my son's life, he was exclusively breastfed. No formula, no solids, no rice cereal. Just me. During the second half of the year, we added organic foods to...
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Birth Control :: Why My Husband Got a Vasectomy

Motivated by weekly episodes of "The Cosby Show," I planned — as a child — to become a doctor by the age of 30 and to promptly follow graduation with birthing six children. I...
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One Family’s KonMari Marathon Story

It was February vacation when I let the KonMari tidying process change my life forever. It helped our family tremendously!

The World of the Part-Time SAHM

Recently, some friends and I went to brunch at the Fairmount Grille in Hyde Park. We talked about women from college who went full throttle into the working world instead of pursuing the mommy...
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Should You Go Back to College After Having Kids?

It was a celebration-filled weekend when one of my closest friends, after a 15-year hiatus, graduated from law school. As college "first-years" this friend was adamant that she was going to law school after...

Moving to Greater Boston :: Milton

Maybe you’ve been in Boston for years, but you’re now having kids and looking to relocate. Maybe you’re planning a move to the Boston area from another city in the U.S. or abroad, and...