This post was sponsored by our friends at WECO, but the opinions are all our own.

Y’all, let me tell you how much of a hot mess Mondays are in my household. My husband drops off the 1-year-old at daycare on his way to the office. My 3-year-old has speech therapy in the morning; I drop him at daycare afterward and work remotely. At the end of the day I pick them both up, start the evening routine, and then scurry out of there to attend a 6 p.m. dance rehearsal for OnStage Dance Company. By the time I get home, one kid is in bed, the other is on his way, and one of us has to either cook or cobble together some type of meal for the adults to eat before we pass out at 9 p.m.

But… not this past Monday! We recently tried WECO Hospitality, and let me tell you, what a treat! WECO is a local meal delivery service that solves the stress of making dinner by delivering freshly-prepared, chef-crafted dinners every weekday. WECO works with only the freshest and ethically-sourced ingredients that are handcrafted by their team of local chefs into small-batch delicious dinners. All meals are crafted, cooked, and delivered the same day, and easy to reheat! Dinners are ready in under 10 minutes.

We chose from their weekly menu which day of the week worked best. It was hard to decide — everything sounded so great — but we ended up choosing Monday (for obvious reasons) and because the food available that day was particularly enticing: fresh bucatini with bacon, plus a salad and focaccia bread — YUM.

When ordering, I received a text letting me know to put a cooler outside and that my food would be dropped off between 3 and 4 p.m.; I also received updates until we received it. There were detailed instructions, and all food was labeled.

Brown bag of food Containers of food

We got two kids meals as well — their chicken sandwich with waffle fries. My husband was able to warm them up super easily, and as you can see, we had two very happy campers:

Breaded chicken and french fries Plate of food for childChildren smiling with their dinner Child eating in a high chair 

When I got home, the prep was so easy for our “adult” meal — it definitely took less than 10 minutes. The portions were super generous and the ingredients were so fresh. The ingredients were so fresh and locally sourced. All I had to do was warm up the sauce, throw the pasta in some water, toast up the bread, and, boom: DONE.

Boiling pasta
The most difficult part of the prep!

In just a few minutes we were sitting down at the table… I mean couch and TV trays because we are NOT glamorous. We were able to spend more time catching up and watching our favorite shows, instead of feverishly trying to prepare a meal.

Plate of salad
Look at this beautiful salad!

And let me tell you, this was DELICIOUS. Everything had great flavor, and the salad dressing was so good I saved some to use the next day. 

Plated meal of pasta Plated meal of pasta

The dollop of their house pesto was *chef’s kiss*.

We’ve used other national meal delivery services before, but I love that this one is local, uses ethically sourced ingredients, and there is no subscription required. I would absolutely use WECO again and recommend it to my fellow busy, working parents as well! 

Head over to their website at and sign up to get their menu— it is delivered via email on Thursdays at noon. I also recommend setting an alarm for their menu release because it sells out FAST!

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