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Technically, friends, summer doesn’t end until September 21.

Our kids going back to school does not mean summer is over! There are so many ways to hold on to the joys of summer even after the academic year begins. Our family loves eeking every last moment of the summer. And having a few more adventures and experiences to look forward to seems to help the transition for our little one back into the rhythms of school. Many kids can experience the September slump and become more anxious or struggle with behavior as they come to terms with the idea that summer is really over. And, to be honest, as a family of teachers, we sometimes feel the same way! So, here are a few of our family’s favorite ideas for making the most of these last few weeks of sun!

Take a trip to the Boston Harbor Islands

The ferries from Boston Long Wharf to the Harbor Islands run until mid-October, and they are a great place to spend the day, as a kid or as an adult. You can hike and explore nature, take a summer swim, climb the playgrounds and forts, enjoy a self-guided tour, or do many other activities designed especially for kids. Our son’s favorite island is Spectacle — the beach full of sea glass and pottery fragments makes for hours of exploring. (Just note that you aren’t allowed to take it with you! We like to make a mosaic in the sand or bury a few favorite pieces for new friends to find.)

Not a fan of boats? You can do a lot of these same activities at Castle Island, which is accessible by car, and enjoy some of my favorite fried clams in Boston at Sullivan’s. (Though my favorite fried clams in the state are at the Causeway Diner in Gloucester!) 

Explore a new museum

It never ceases to amaze me how many great museums there are in the state, and yet it sometimes feels like we can get stuck in a museum rut. There are many museums that, if you’re willing to travel a little further outside of the city, offer outdoor experiences worth exploring before the weather turns. The Worcester Ecotarium and the Discovery Museum in Acton are two of our favorites.

Go “golfing”

Our son fell in love with golf this summer. (Wacking a ball with a stick as hard as you can? He’s IN.) We’ve yet to take him for a full, or even half, round of real golf, but we’re excited that this new summer activity can last well into the fall. He’s a big fan of driving ranges, and many in the area are open year-round, with heated bays giving you the ability to practice your swing. Many also offer inexpensive, quick lessons. If miniature golf is more your style, many courses are open year-round, weather permitting. McGolf in Dedham offers the ability to enjoy both a driving range and a mini-golf course.

Keep buying rosé

Okay, clearly this one isn’t full-family friendly. But I find the idea that rosé is just for the summer deeply distressing. Hold on to summer for as long as you can — a glass of rosé is the perfect way to bring a little summer warmth and joy into the fall. Because the internet is a magical place, you can find multiple articles online that say the best rosé is at Trader Joe’s. This type of useful data is what the internet was made for. Thank you, Al Gore.

What are some of your ideas to keep the summer magic alive? Feel free to share them here!

Nia Jacobs
A city of Boston native, Nia is navigating life in the suburbs with her lovably crazy Canadian wife, an awesomely boisterous son (6), and two more dogs than would be a manageable number for her family, which is zero. Nia has more than 15 years of experience in local independent schools as a teacher and administrator, and she is a proud member of her school’s faculty band. Her superpowers include navigating tough conversations, knowing the words to 90s songs, and losing track of time while crafting. Always down for: sleep training discussions, dismantling systems of oppression, Stevie Wonder sing-alongs, a trip to the Brimfield Fair, an iced coffee regardless of the temperature outside. Never down with: unexamined privilege, people who fail to properly use the subjunctive, Tyler Perry movies, things that are cinnamon flavored, being rude to waitstaff.