Nia Jacobs

A city of Boston native, Nia is navigating life in the suburbs with her lovably crazy Canadian wife, an awesomely boisterous son (6), and two more dogs than would be a manageable number for her family, which is zero. Nia has more than 15 years of experience in local independent schools as a teacher and administrator, and she is a proud member of her school’s faculty band. Her superpowers include navigating tough conversations, knowing the words to 90s songs, and losing track of time while crafting. Always down for: sleep training discussions, dismantling systems of oppression, Stevie Wonder sing-alongs, a trip to the Brimfield Fair, an iced coffee regardless of the temperature outside. Never down with: unexamined privilege, people who fail to properly use the subjunctive, Tyler Perry movies, things that are cinnamon flavored, being rude to waitstaff.
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My Back-to-School Playlist

Hold on to that feelin’, friends. What feeling? The feeling of warm summer nights, vacations, and the low-key pace of summer. It will be summer again before we know it. Only nine more months to go.
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Making the Most of the Last Weeks of Summer

Our family loves eeking every last moment of the summer. And having a few more adventures and experiences to look forward to seems to help the transition for our little one back into the rhythms of school. Many kids can experience the September slump and become more anxious or struggle with behavior as they come to terms with the idea that summer is really over. And, to be honest, as a family of teachers, we sometimes feel the same way!
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Keep Your Kids Reading All Summer Long!

Sometimes, the idea of reading a whole book can feel overwhelming to a reluctant reader, no matter the length of the book. For some kids, convincing them to read a magazine, or even part of a magazine, will be a much easier sell. Graphic novels can similarly draw in reluctant readers due to the high volume of images per page, often decreasing reading anxiety and increasing interest level.
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ISO: Pride Month Allies

It seems so simple, the act of acknowledging LGBTQ families and relationships or reminding others that families come in all forms. But when straight allies do so in authentic, thoughtful ways, it means the world to me and to hundreds of thousands of gay families around the world.
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Life Lessons Learned in the Garden

Put a tomato plant in the ground and walk away, and in the right conditions it will likely survive. But we all know that surviving and thriving are not the same thing — and my son knows that too, even at his young age. He trims browning branches, uses Velcro to attach heavy stalks to a wire frame, and replaces the chicken wire assembled to (unsuccessfully) keep rabbits out of the broccoli. He waters, he trims, and he rearranges. Every plant requires work and needs something different to grow. And the rewards far outweigh the effort invested. This is easy to say in life but harder to remember.