Nia Jacobs

Nia Jacobs
A city of Boston native, Nia is navigating life in the suburbs with her lovably crazy Canadian wife, an awesomely boisterous son (6), and two more dogs than would be a manageable number for her family, which is zero. Nia has more than 15 years of experience in local independent schools as a teacher and administrator, and she is a proud member of her school’s faculty band. Her superpowers include navigating tough conversations, knowing the words to 90s songs, and losing track of time while crafting. Always down for: sleep training discussions, dismantling systems of oppression, Stevie Wonder sing-alongs, a trip to the Brimfield Fair, an iced coffee regardless of the temperature outside. Never down with: unexamined privilege, people who fail to properly use the subjunctive, Tyler Perry movies, things that are cinnamon flavored, being rude to waitstaff.

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