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It’s almost that time of year again. School is about to start. Not long after, the weather will cool. Leaves will change. And I’ll rejoice!

I may be in the minority here, but I say, “Good riddance!” to summer.

I’ll be glad when it’s over. Here’s why:

A little less sweat

Summer is hot! And sweaty! I have an infant whose preferred mode of transportation is in the baby carrier, pressed up against my chest. After carrying her around outside for even a minute, we’re both soaking wet. So bring on the long sleeves and long pants — I’m ready!

An end to the sunscreen wars

I despise putting sunscreen on my kids. It involves chasing them all over the house with hands painted white, trying to get that goop somewhere on their exposed skin. Often it winds up on their clothes or hair, or smeared all over me. It’s truly a battle worthy of Game of Thrones, and it happens every. single. day. My kiddos don’t seem to understand that sunscreen is the thing that stands between them and summer camp, or the playground, or the pool. Between them and fun! You’d think they’d be more willing to have it applied, but no.

Regular schedules

As a mother of three little ones who also works outside the home, I keep a lot of schedules in my brain. In summer, it feels like everyone is doing something new every week, and it’s a challenge to keep track of it all. I have definitely had moments of panic when I forget where my oldest is and think that I’ve forgotten to pick her up on time. I’ll be grateful to get back into the school routine and have it stay the same for the next nine months!

Normal bedtimes

It’s hard enough to make our 8 p.m. bedtime in the winter, but in summer it’s practically impossible. The neighbor kids are still outside and the sun is still shining — it must be time to play! Blackout shades can only go so far. When darkness falls a little earlier, it’ll be totally OK with me!

So sayonara, summer! I’m off to go pull my slippers and favorite sweaters out of the back of my closet. I can’t wait to wear them!

Rachel is a native of the West Coast and didn't know that her straight hair could frizz until she made the move East! After earning a Master of Environmental Management from Yale, she moved to Boston for a job opportunity and, on her first Saturday night in the city, met the man who would become her husband. They married in 2012 and are learning more every day about how to be parents to daughters Annabel (2013) and Eleanor (2016). Rachel and her family recently relocated from Charlestown to the Metrowest suburbs and are enjoying their yard, but dislike shoveling snow from their driveway. Rachel currently works as an energy and environmental consultant, and wore Birkenstocks before they were trendy. Likes: her family, her in-laws, cooking ambitious meals and leaving the dishes for someone else, hiking, running, yoga, climbing mountains, reading books, farmers' markets and her CSA, dark chocolate peanut butter cups, the sound of her daughters' laughter, and coffee Dislikes: running out of milk, New England winters, diaper rash, wastefulness, cell phones at the dinner table