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I don’t know about you, but as my kids get older the dirty laundry keeps piling up faster and taking longer to actually get washed, dried, folded, and put away. My husband and I make a good tag team, and it still feels like a chore that never ends. Recently, though, I gave myself permission to try a laundry service, and it did not disappoint! It left me feeling like royalty, and that’s to be expected when Neptune Laundromat works by the motto, “Where the customer is always king.” In my case, I’m gonna say I felt like a queen!

It seems many moms feel guilty about delegating household duties, especially to businesses. But more and more, we’re starting to realize that it doesn’t really make sense to feel this guilt, especially when one of the main results of doing so is getting more time to spend caring for and making memories with our families.

Neptune Laundromat has five locations — two in East Boston, one in Lynn, one in Revere, and one in Malden. They serve a few surrounding towns, so head to their website to see if your neighborhood is in their service area. Wondering how it works and how easy it is to delegate your laundry? I’ll tell you!

Create an account

To start delegating your laundry to Neptune Laundromat, head over to their website and create an account. It’s a very straightforward process and an easy-to-navigate client portal. You will provide your contact information, address, and credit card for them to keep securely on file. They also have an app you can download if you like the convenience of placing orders and managing your account on the go.

Schedule your service 

Next, you will schedule your first service, which is kind of a fun process. Tap the button that says “Schedule A Pickup,” and follow the prompts. You will be able to choose a date for the pickup and a date for the delivery, which is usually the next day unless there’s a holiday in between or another scheduling constraint. Next, let them know what your preferences are around separating darks from lights, using or not using certain products like “free and clear” detergents or softeners, and so on. Many of the preferences you can choose are provided free of charge, with few exceptions that are clearly stated. Once you’ve scheduled your pickup and added your preferences, you will have a time window during which the laundry will get picked up.

Prepare for your pickup

All you have to do to prepare for your first pickup is put your dirty laundry in a bag! I put the laundry in kitchen trash bags, and that was just fine. I had specified that I wanted them to try to keep my son’s clothes separate from my daughter’s clothes, so I bagged them separately. Once the bags were ready, I placed them on my porch!

Sit back, and relax! 

My pickup window was between 9 and 11 a.m., and the Neptune Laundromat employee who came to pick up my laundry was at my door around 9:05 a.m.! What a breath of fresh air to have a service show up toward the beginning of a time window! This young man showed up in a Neptune Laundromat vehicle, in uniform, and with a big smile on his face. He was very nice and answered some questions I had. Then he was gone with my laundry and I got to sit back, relax, and enjoy my laundry-free day!

Receive your clean laundry! 

Two days later (because the day after my pickup was a holiday), my clothes were delivered on time by two employees who gave us a fancy branded laundry bag we can use for future services. I was not home for the delivery because I had to go into the office, but my husband and children were, and they documented it for me. The young men were great representatives of the company — they seemed happy to be bringing us the joy of clean laundry! The clothes were delivered in two clear bags, separated as I had requested, and neatly folded. They smelled fresh and were 100% wrinkle free.

Receiving the perfectly clean and folded laundry literally brought a smile to my face, and it didn’t even bother me that I still had to put it all away. I had a wonderful experience and will be using Neptune Laundromat for the extra chore relief again.

Go ahead, mama, see if Neptune serves your area! If so, try them out. I promise you won’t be disappointed. And if they aren’t in your neighborhood, search for a similar service near you. It’s worth it — nothing to feel guilty about. Happy laundry delegating!

Neptune Laundromat is currently having a summer sale — 20% off using one-time promo code SUM20! Promotion ends September 1.


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