We are excited to partner with Burgers' Smokehouse for this post.

There are a lot of people in my house. Though I would love to say our daily routine runs like a well-oiled machine, that would be a lie. The honest truth is that with the myriad of people in my house also comes a schedule that is amazingly hectic — on a good day.

Between chauffeuring five kids to every activity under the sun, working two jobs, holding a position on the school PTO, and managing all the other responsibilities that come with LIFE, sometimes making “Good Housekeeping” worthy dinners falls by the wayside. (And by “sometimes,” this mama really means she finds herself making small talk with the food delivery guy far more often than she would like to admit. When the pizza guy recently complimented me on my new hair color, I graciously accepted the compliment and then slinked back into the house to research easy meal planning.)

Enter Burgers’ Smokehouse.

I was recently given the opportunity to review a meal from Burgers’ Smokehouse, and I’m so glad I did it! The timing was perfect, as the holiday season is just chaos for any mom. Providing my family a delicious, quality meal that I didn’t have to make from scratch seemed wonderful, but I was thrilled when I logged onto the website and saw just how beautiful the food was! There was a delicious-looking turkey that lured me into clicking and clicking and clicking, and what I found was a little sliver of busy mom paradise.

Burgers’ Smokehouse is a family-owned and -operated business specializing in smoked and cured meats, and everything can be delivered to your front door. That drool-worthy turkey in the picture was going to come fully cooked, ready to heat and eat in just over an hour. I was also ordering sides and dessert, so yes, please! This mama was sold!

Burgers’ Smokehouse boxes appeared on my doorstep a few days after I ordered, and with a little prayer, I tossed the entire meal into the oven. I helped the kids with their homework while dinner cooked itself, then I put a healthy, flavorful meal on the table just over an hour later. It was even easier than takeout, and with no awkward small talk! The turkey was every bit as delicious as the pictures online had convinced me it would be. The broccoli casserole was wonderful, and the strawberry rhubarb pie was simply divine.

The best part about this meal? My kids ATE IT. And they liked it.

Even the broccoli.

A few days after our glorious, stress-free meal, my husband uttered the most romantic words I have ever heard him say: “What do you think about ordering another one of these meals for the holidays?”

Our family celebrates both Hanukkah and Christmas, meaning our holiday schedule is jam-packed with celebrations and activities. The thought of not slaving away in the kitchen for hours before each of our family parties had never even crossed my mind. That is just what you do on the holiday, isn’t it? But — does it really have to be that way? The idea of spending more time enjoying the company of our relatives (and less time getting to know the nether regions of a turkey) was something that existed only in my wildest dreams!

This year, Burgers’ Smokehouse is taking care of the holiday meal. And this mama’s dream of a stress-free holiday dinner is coming true!

Burgers' Smokehouse __ A Lifesaver for Busy Moms!
Deanna is a mom of five (yes, five) children, who lives in Brockton with her small circus of kids, her husband, their dog Penny, and a few cats. Her life is loud, energetic, mostly fun, often gross (did she mention four of those kids are boys?), and she wouldn't have it any other way. In between carting kids to school, baseball, gymnastics, guitar, dance, track and field and every other kid activity known to mankind, she works as a school bus driver for the city of Brockton, and is the Director of Religious Education at the Unity Church of North Easton, a Unitarian Universalist congregation. Deanna also holds degrees in Elementary Physical Education and Dance Education, which she plans to put back into use one day. At parties, Deanna can often be found hanging out with family pets. She follows her children around with a camera like the paparazzi, is pretty sure that 97% of her blood stream is made of coffee, and her laundry is never done. You can also find her blogging at https://eighteenmoreyearsofburpsandfarts.wordpress.com