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Is it just us, or has this been the rainiest year of all time? We consider ourselves hearty New Englanders, but the constant wild weather has led to more than just cancelled plans. For some Masschusetts families, it has caused basement flooding! We reached out to our partners at Rodenhiser Home Services to ask what can be done to ensure that our basements remain dry, even during terrible bouts of rain like what we’ve recently experienced. Their answer? A Sump Pump Can Save Your Basement!

Basement sump pump

What is a sump pump?

A sump pump is a device that moves water from your basement to the outside of your home. The pump has valves that sense rising water levels or pressure. Once rising levels are detected, it automatically pumps excess water out of the basement and away from your home using a discharge line. 

If you weren’t aware of what a sump pump was before reading this post, don’t worry about it! Rodenhiser is here to help.

There are several important benefits of having a sump pump:

A Sump Pump Prevents Damage:

Sump Pumps prevent flooding, which in turn prevents water damage to your walls and foundation. This also protects basement appliances from damage and corrosion. Often water heater and boiler manufacturers do not cover the equipment from flood damage, so having a sump pump could prevent a costly replacement if your basement took on water.

A Sump Pump can keep your basement dry:

A dry basement improves indoor air quality, discourages pests, and reduces mildew, mold, and fungus growth. If you have a living space in your basement, keeping the space dry is an absolute must. If your basement is used primarily for storage, imagine the stress you’d have if water damaged your belongings or created a damp environment that grew mold! A sump pump will help you to avoid both. 

Installing a sump pump might actually save you money in the long-run:

Many homeowners’ insurance policies do not automatically cover flooding damages. This is an important consideration for your household budget. What will happen if your basement DOES flood? How will you cover the expense of replacement or remediation? Having a sump pump installed now could save you money later

A sump pump can offer peace of mind no matter the weather!

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