Just like our kids need cleats, shorts, and helmets, sports moms need their own equipment — things that make waiting through a practice or sitting through a day-long tournament downright comfy.

My own son might not yet be old enough for organized sports, but I called upon some of the most experienced sports parents I know, as well as some of my sportswriting colleagues, to make a list of gifts that will make any sports mom smile this Mother’s Day — or any day! (And bonus: Many of these items are available for rush delivery in time for Mother’s Day!)

A cooler bag that’s roomy and cute

Whatever you use for a cooler bag, you want to make sure it not only holds enough for post-practice snacks for your kids but some refreshments for you. This adorable backpack cooler is not only roomy enough for both needs, it’s easy to carry as well. It also comes in several fun prints, including a fashionable black and yellow print and a navy blue chevron.

A folding chair that’s sturdy and comfortable

Need a folding chair that can handle being tossed around the back of your car and provide back comfort? You will want to invest in something more than the basic folding chair model you might find at your local big box store — find one that’s a little more substantial. The KingCamp line has multiple options that meet those needs, including this model that is much more comfortable than the usual. When you’re done lugging all of that gear to the field, you deserve to sit in comfort.

A blanket for those chilly games

Watching your child’s outdoor practices in the spring and fall can find you comfortable one minute and freezing cold the next. A rollable fleece blanket is easy to carry and a perfect extra layer in case the wind blows in. Better yet: Get a blanket personalized featuring your child’s favorite sport. ChalkTalkSports offers a wide variety of blanket options, including lacrosse (pictured), cheerleading, field hockey, and football. 

A fan for those scorchers

On the other side of the spectrum, summer games can be scorching hot. I once worked a three-day club lacrosse tournament in the middle of July, and I was convinced that all of us watching from the sidelines could melt at any moment. We all could have used a battery-powered portable fan those days, and this one from Brookstone would have fit the bill.

A tent to protect you — and just you — from the elements

A luxury, sure, but one that you will be grateful to have when it starts to drizzle or downpour. This Under the Weather Sports Pod pops open and features a zip-up door for you and your chair to make your way inside. It is made of a clear plastic on three sides so you can still see the action while staying nice and dry. At $99, it’s not an everyday purchase, but if you have multiple children in multiple outdoor sports, it may be worth the investment.

A wagon to carry all your equipment (oh, and your kid’s equipment too)

As a sports writer, I have covered tournaments of all shapes and sizes for a decade. I don’t think I’ve attended a single one where parents didn’t have to park seemingly miles away from the actual fields. Are they trying to make sure we all get exercise too? Do you really want to be carrying your cooler, chairs, and whatever else you may have brought that entire walk to the field? No. Invest in a portable wagon. Bonus points if it is collapsible, like this one from Mac Sports, which folds down to just eight inches thick. 

Kat Cornetta
Kat grew up in Rochester, NY, and attended college in Ithaca and Binghamton, NY. She moved to Boston to earn a graduate degree in educational administration. In addition to her career in education, Kat has a part-time freelance sportswriting career covering women’s college hockey, gymnastics, and figure skating. She contributed to the Boston Herald for a decade before moving over to the Boston Globe, where she wrote their first-ever weekly women’s college hockey notebook. Her long-term career goal is to write a book. An Ipswich resident, Kat is a mother to two sons (born in 2016 and 2018) and owns a cat named after legendary Buffalo Bills head coach Marv Levy. After having her sons in 2016 and 2018, Kat is attempting to balance a full-time job in education with her writing dream and motherhood. She loves coffee, cats and 1990s NFL quarterbacks. She dislikes chewing gum, high shelves and baby pajamas that snap instead of zipper. You can read her work at sportsgirlkat.com