Moms don’t get the recognition they deserve! As a business run BY local moms FOR local moms, Boston Moms is excited to showcase the hard work local moms are doing — both at home and in their professions.

Boston Moms is proud to feature Alexandra Rogers for this “Meet a Boston Mom Monday!” You may recognize Alexandra’s face from social media or her business’s Best of Boston feature! Alexandra is the mom to two sweet girls under 2, a nurse practitioner, and the co-founder of LexRx.

Join us in celebrating Alexandra and the important contributions she makes at home and at work! 

We asked Alex to share a bit about herself. Get to know her here!

Full Name: Alexandra Rogers

Occupation/business name: Nurse practitioner and business owner of LexRx and Inject With Lex

Children: Caroline (2 years old) and Raegan (6 months)

Hometown: I grew up in Pembroke and currently live in Brighton with my husband, two girls, and our fur-baby.

Favorite local restaurant: Brighton Bodega

Favorite local business or brand: Boston NAPS — a local company founded by two moms (also nurses) with a mission to educate and support expecting and new parents. They are a trusted brand in our community and have been lifesavers to me in all stages of motherhood (pregnancy, infancy, toddlerhood).

Tell us a bit about LexRx: LexRx is a nurse practitioner-owned and -operated aesthetic dermatology/injectables practice and lifestyle brand, offering expertise in neurotoxin and dermal fillers, as well as the “Best of Boston” LexRx skincare line. LexRx has grown organically over the past five years, and we now have two locations in Boston and a team of amazing nurse practitioners and practice coordinators. Our goal is to help our clients look and feel their best so they can embrace a “look good, feel good, and play good” mentality in all aspects of their lives.

Inject With Lex is an injectables training program offering advisory/consulting services and didactic and hands-on trainings, empowering clinicians through knowledge to start a new career or even their own injectables practice!

What is the one thing that surprised you the most about motherhood?: I was surprised by the emotional and mental exhaustion! I knew I would be physically exhausted, but I didn’t consider the emotional and mental toll I would feel as a new (working) mom. I learned to take things one day at a time, and to be gracious with myself.

What is one piece of advice you’d offer another working mom?: Don’t be afraid to ask for help! You’re not expected to do it alone, nor should you have to. Lean on your support network, but also know it’s OK to let some things go. (Dishes and laundry might pile up, but that’s OK. Focus on what’s important and ask for help if you need it.)

What is one way you take care of yourself?: I work out every morning (oftentimes before the kids wake up). It’s a guaranteed hour to myself and helps me to be a better mom/wife/friend/sister/daughter/business partner.

Is there anything else we should know about you or your work?: At LexRx we feel passionately about helping men and women look and feel their best and embrace self-care. If injectables aren’t for you, be sure to check out our “Best of Boston” skincare line and embrace a little self-care at home.

Who are two other women who inspire you?: Alexa Nicolls Costa, my business partner and an incredible businesswoman, and my mom, a fiercely loving mother who taught me to work hard at everything I do.

Keep up with Alexandra at @AlexandraLRogers and @LexRx on Instagram.

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