being a Boston transplantI’m new here. And since moving to Boston last year, I have been inspired by how incredible this city really is. Here are 10 reasons why I think being a Boston transplant is amazing!

1. The people

Bostonians and transplants alike are some of the kindest and most considerate people out there. I have no idea where the whole “rude Northeasterner” stereotype came from, because it definitely does not hold true around here! Need help getting your groceries and baby to the car? I’m sure someone will offer. Ever played pickle pulled over next to a snow bank while the person opposite you does the same, both of you waving each other on? Someone has to go! Why are you so polite?! But really, the people in Boston are this country’s best kept secret.

2. You’re in good company

There are so many people from so many different parts of the world here! New in town? Looking to make some buddies? You don’t have to worry about people being too cliquey because, odds are, they’ve been there too!

3. Snow days

I know, I know… so much snow! (Most years!) But coming from a place where a snow day is something to celebrate, it is so fun to wake up to fresh snow and excitedly watch the news, waiting for your school to show up at the bottom with the word “Cancelled” next to it! Sledding, hot chocolate, movie marathons… it’s so much fun!

4. Road trips

When we lived in New Orleans, we could drive five hours and still be in Louisiana. Here, we can drive less than two hours and go whale watching in Cape Cod or three hours for a weekend ski trip in Stowe! There is so much to do and see within a close proximity here — and something to suit just about everyone’s personality!

5. Farmer’s markets and CSAs

There are so many great farms close by that offer a wonderful organic selection. You can join a CSA and get a weekly basket of produce or just browse all the goodies these lovely farmers have to offer at all the local farmers markets. Such a wonderful perk of Boston’s spring, summer, and fall months!

6. Efficiency

I love the requirement here that every construction site has to be attended by a police officer. There are trains and buses that get us where we need to go and (sometimes) run on time. School is not cancelled for a Super Bowl parade. If this seems normal to you, that’s awesome, but let me tell you — it is not like this everywhere else!

7. Parks

Oh, the glory of Boston parks! The beautiful swing sets and climbing structures! The dumping grounds for lightly used outdoor toys to be shared by all the neighborhood children. It really is a beautiful thing.

8. The ‘burbs

So many different neighborhoods with so many personalities!

9. The walkability

People sure know how to get around on foot here! It’s such a gift to have access to so much without having to get into the car.

10. Safety

On that same note, where is all the crime in this city?! I LOVE watching the news here… I refused to watch the local news back in NOLA (yes, extremes, I know). I am so grateful to be raising my daughter in a place where we feel safe. Is there any better feeling?