Move Over, Swiss Miss :: 7 Hot Cocoas to Warm You Up This Winter

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We may be in the depths of winter, but I still try to get outside as much as possible with my son. If you’re like me, and your kids are bouncing off the walls on occasion, try to brave the freezing temps and take them out for fresh air whenever possible. There’s nothing better than coming back indoors to a steaming cup of hot cocoa. Hot chocolate season is one of the few things I truly enjoy about winter!

Hot chocolate has come a long way since my childhood, when packets of Swiss Miss were a real treat. Whether you like a basic hot chocolate, a fancy truffle hot chocolate, or hot chocolate infused with anything from cinnamon to vanilla to peppermint, I’ve got a favorite to share with you.

Sillycow Farms

Based in Vermont but available locally at Stop & Shop, Wegman’s, or Whole Foods, Sillycow Farms has so many flavors! My flavor of choice is chocolate truffle, but I’m planning to try the chocolate pumpkin spice or chocolate coconut cream next.

Taza Chocolate

This local company based in Somerville makes amazing chocolate bars as well as hot chocolate. At the moment, we have their cinnamon hot chocolate mix in our house.

Equal Exchange

This company prides itself on organic cacao grown by small-scale farmers. It’s a bit more pricey, but it’s organic! You can find it on their website or on Amazon or Target.

Cocoa Sante

This brand is based out of Harbor Sweets in Salem. (Side note: I grew up in Salem, so I have known about Harbor Sweets forever; it’s my all-time favorite candy shop. MUST try the sweet sloops toffee if you haven’t already). For hot chocolate, I love their Nor’Easter mix with natural vanilla and amber malt.


Located in Harvard Square, this hot chocolate is almost too good for your kids. It’s a nice splurge if you happen to stroll by their shop and get one to go, but you can also take home a package of “drinking chocolate” to make later. Leaving their shop with a hot one is the perfect indulgence on a cold winter day.

Stonewall Kitchen

Based in Maine, Stonewall has flavors sure to please both parents and kids, including salted caramel for the grownups and marshmallow for the kids. They have flagship stores in York and Portland that sell all kinds of yummy gourmet foods.

King Arthur Baking Company

A New England company that has been around since 1790, King Arthur’s flavors include classic hot chocolate, double chocolate, and even “make your own malted hot cocoa kit.” Sounds fun!

Whatever hot chocolate you prefer, it’s sure to keep you and your family warm after your next sledding or snowman-making adventure!

A native of Salem, MA, Cheryl Mastrogiovanni is a high school counselor in the Boston area, with just a slight Boston accent that remains from her childhood. She enjoys helping her seniors navigate the college application process. A lifelong Bruins fan, Cheryl began attending hockey games with her father in the original Boston Garden at the age of eight, and hopes to continue that tradition with her son as well. Cheryl recently published a children’s picture book about (what else!) a child attending his first Bruins game in the fabulous city of Boston. A graduate of Boston College, Cheryl is also passionate about soccer, travel, Cape Cod, and spending time with her family. She resides in Arlington with her husband and 7-year-old son. Loves: playing soccer on the weekends, Italian language & culture, road trips, GOOD pizza, hot summer nights, seafood shacks, Name that Tune from the 80’s, and being organized. Dislikes: loud noises, long meetings, & messiness.