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Turning Back to School into Mom’s New Year

Today on the show Shannon and Meghan are talking to Kristen Reed of Nursing Your Way to Wellness. As the kids go back to school soon, Kristen is helping us to reframe this time of the year as a New Years for moms! After a summer full of juggling the kids, balancing all the busy schedules, and transporting kids to and from camps, it is time to reclaim our sanity and make our wellness a priority. Kristen is going to tell us exactly how to do that so that we can feel our best. 

About Our Guest 

KRISTEN REED is a multiple award-winning Registered Nurse and Certified Health & Wellness Coach with Bachelors’ degrees in Nursing & Psychology. She is a National Certified Health & Wellness Nurse Coach, National Board Certified Holistic Nurse, and an expert in women’s wellness, called “The Wellness Woman” by the Daily Item and nominated for the “Best of the City” award in Wellness. Kristen is the founder and CEO of health and wellness practice “Nursing your Way to Wellness”, where she provides personalized Health & Wellness Coaching, Wellness programs, Corporate Wellness,  Reiki therapy, and more!

Please visit Kristen’s website www.NursingYourWaytoWellness.com to book a complimentary call and join her free email community to get complimentary access to her popular “Ultimate Self Care Starter Kit”!


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Shannon Gibson
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