Connecting in a Time of Disconnect

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During this time of isolation and social distancing, in some ways I’ve felt more connected than ever.

On my daily walks, I talk to my BFF from high school more than we have since back in the day. As a full-time working mom of three kids (and me being a working mom of two kids), she and I used to be lucky if we caught each other for that random five minutes here and there. Now that we’ve taken commutes and drop-offs out of the equation, we connect a few times a week for over a half-hour, chatting on the phone about anything and everything.

And then there’s the spiritual connection. Connecting to self with journaling and a gratitude practice, or for those of us who have stuck with it, perhaps a daily meditation practice. My neighbor started a socially distanced yoga class, where a few of us set up our mats in her yard, and I either teach a class or we put on a class for us to listen to and follow along. Or I’ll read something totally and completely moving and feel connected to that person, their connection with nature, or even that time and place for them.

Every time I see my parents, I cry when I leave, because I miss them and their hugs. I miss the way they used to be able to interact with my kiddos and spend quality time without concerns of keeping physical distance. But it’s also because I feel more connected to them than ever. This entire thing has reminded me daily of the precious, short time we have here on earth. That each day truly is a gift, and that the people we love and cherish and connect with are the most important thing.

Which brings me to my next point: kids. When I’m with my kids, connection is so visible. Granted, they miss their friends and school and playdates. They miss being able to play the way kids are wired to — without thinking; just being. And so I am extra fortunate to connect with them in play. Like on our hikes, when we find new creatures, like fish and turtles, or throw rocks and sticks into the streams for racing or skipping. Or when we have a random dance party or a pillow fight. Kids are just the easiest to connect with, and it’s particularly important for them during this time to connect with play.

I’m rooting for you to feel connected during this time of disconnect. That you can connect with what’s important: your values, your loved ones, nature, spirit — whatever it is that brings you home to yourself and truly matters.

Meredith Bazirgan lives in the Metrowest area and knows all of her neighbors. She has a tremendous appreciation for community of all kinds and the most important thing in her life is her relationships with others. Having grown up on the North Shore, and traveled quite a lot through her twenties, she still tries to get back to visit those ocean breezes as often as possible. She is a mom of two kiddos, and has a husband and a dog. She loves playing outside and being active, be it running, walking, hiking, or just scooting around the neighborhood with the kiddos. She can also be found at the beach or exploring new towns and places. She is a part-time therapist/licensed social worker turned life coach who loves helping women squeeze more juice out of their lives and living out their purpose with joy and intention! Her work is done in person or online with women across the globe. She also enjoys coffee, a good glass of red wine, impromptu dance parties and any chance to watch a sunset or a full moon and a sky full of stars.