Meredith Bazirgan

Meredith Bazirgan lives in the Metrowest area and knows all of her neighbors. She has a tremendous appreciation for community of all kinds and the most important thing in her life is her relationships with others. Having grown up on the North Shore, and traveled quite a lot through her twenties, she still tries to get back to visit those ocean breezes as often as possible. She is a mom of two kiddos, and has a husband and a dog. She loves playing outside and being active, be it running, walking, hiking, or just scooting around the neighborhood with the kiddos. She can also be found at the beach or exploring new towns and places. She is a part-time therapist/licensed social worker turned life coach who loves helping women squeeze more juice out of their lives and living out their purpose with joy and intention! Her work is done in person or online with women across the globe. She also enjoys coffee, a good glass of red wine, impromptu dance parties and any chance to watch a sunset or a full moon and a sky full of stars. 
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Connecting in a Time of Disconnect

During this time of isolation and social distancing, in some ways I’ve felt more connected than ever. On my daily walks, I talk to my BFF from high school more than we have since back...
COVID-19 silver linings - Boston Moms

My COVID-19 Silver Linings Playbook

Ready for some perspective? I recently read the following quote, which was pulled from an inspiring video created by a COVID-19 response team in Belfast: When you go out and see the empty streets, the...
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Thriving with Routine :: Tips for Maintaining a Family Schedule

Our daily routine has helped us maintain a sense of structure. I’m teaching my kiddos about responsibility and the importance of a daily routine, but also about flexibility and the element of surprise. As long as we’re getting our daily chores done (make the beds, clean up, brush our teeth), there’s always room for spontaneity and fun!
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3 Lessons Learned from My Recent Trip to the Nail Salon

A manicure can cost as little as $15 and take as little as 15 minutes. I got to get out of the house and connect with someone face to face, see other women bopping around taking care of themselves, and, most importantly, do something to take care of myself while also paying someone to take care of me, in a way. It did wonders to boost my self-love. Let’s love on ourselves more often, especially when it involves a nice pop of color that can bring joy! 
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6 Ways to Thrive in the New England Winter (With Small Children in Tow)

We’ve all been there. The holidays can be a whirlwind of fun and delight, January is full of newness and resolutions, and then the reality of the New England winter sets in. I have to say, I’ve come to embrace winter over the years, and this year I wanted to think more about how. Here's what I've come up with so far.
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Mom Life Ain’t a Track Meet, It’s a Marathon (Why Ice Cube’s Wisdom Can...

Mom life is a marathon, not a sprint. You see, every mom I’ve ever known, near and far, experiences mom guilt to some degree, at some point in their journey of motherhood. And typically, it doesn’t serve us, especially when it leads us to say no to the things that fill us up. So here are a few ways I’ve found to kick mom guilt to the curb and live my #momlife marathon to the fullest.
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New Season, New You :: 7 Ways to Give Yourself a Fresh Start

As a therapist and a life coach, I’m the first person to say that if we want to make changes in our lives, it starts with internal (versus external) shifts. That said, though, getting my hair chopped off this fall felt symbolically and physically freeing for me. It’s lighter. It’s minimal. And it goes with my mantra this fall of letting go.