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Summer, summer, summer!

It is finally that wonderful time of year! The weather is perfect, the days are long, and it is time to slow down and enjoy the endless possibilities of a Boston summer!

Whether your speed is catching a Sox game, going on a staycation adventure, or lounging by the pool, we have some great ideas to keep your family entertained this summer!

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    Fun at home!

    • Get a refrigerator box and make a house.
    • Make marshmallow structures using marshmallows and dry spaghetti.
    • Make a marble racetrack using pool noodles.
    • Build a tapestry table.
    • Make tie-dyed shirts (or bags or socks!).
    • Have an ice cream social.
    • Hold water game Olympics.
    • Make sand and seashell art.
    • Make a summer scrapbook — fill it with stories, dried flowers, and pictures of your summer.
    • Camp in your backyard.
    • Have a water balloon and squirt gun fight.
    • Play shaving cream Twister.
    • Fly a kite.
    • Play water balloon baseball.
    • Make slime and cloud dough.
    • Have a neighborhood cookout.
    • Draw on your driveway with sidewalk chalk, lay down, and have a photo shoot.
    • Wash your car, and create a car wash for the outdoor toys, too!
    • Make frozen banana pops.
    • Have an ice cream sundae bar.
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    Get active!

    • Try a Pound class – unleash your inner drummer!
    • Play hopscotch with the kids.
    • Take a BollyX class.
    • Jump on a trampoline! (But, um, prepare ahead.)
    • Run or walk a summer 5K — there are so many fun themes to try! Bubble Runs, Inflatable Races, Foam Glow Runs — oh my!
    • Rent a bike and ride around the city.
    • Volunteer to be a dog walker for an animal shelter.
    • Play street hockey.
    • Get a fantastic view of the city by kayaking the Charles
    • Go snorkeling
    • Organize a neighborhood kickball or wiffleball game.
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    Food and drink!

    • Take your dog on a date, and eat outside at the pooch-friendly Automatic in Cambridge.
    • Make your own freeze pops.
    • Have an outdoor potluck BBQ with friends.
    • Get fancy and dine while overlooking the Public Garden at Bistro du Midi.
    • Pack a basket and have a picnic.
    • Eat at the permanently parked food truck on Mass Ave at Naco Taco.
    • Catch the ice cream truck.
    • Visit a beer garden.
    • Go out for some locally made ice cream.
    • Get some skewers and make kebobs.
    • Head down to the Cape and get seafood and ice cream at Kreme ‘N Kone.
    • Experiment with different kinds of s’mores.
    • Try out some different kinds of watermelon drinks.
    • Visit the Cookie Monstah.

We would love to hear about your Boston summer plans!

Do you have any great ideas for summer activities? Let us know in the comments! We are always looking for fun new ideas!

Boston summer bucket list - Boston Moms Blog
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