Stepheny Roman

Stepheny Roman
Stepheny was primarily raised in Maine after moving around as a young child since her father was in the Navy. She came to Boston in 2013 for work excited to be part of the city lifestyle instead of the small town she grew up in. After years of living in the city, she and her husband Steve moved to Dedham in the summer of 2022 shortly before welcoming their first child, William. She has spent most of her career working in various areas of retail and e-commerce, which has made her incredibly passionate about small and local businesses. However, she has been embracing being a stay-at-home mom since her son was born. Her hobbies include crafting (knitting and crocheting, as of late), rediscovering her love of reading when she can sneak it in during nap time, and finally having the opportunity to learn how to garden. Stepheny is looking forward to living out her high school dream of being a writer and having more opportunities to meet and connect with local moms.

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