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Boston to Montréal — With Kids!

It helps if you have some insider information. I'm going to let you in on my top tips to make driving from Boston to Montreal as easy as one, two, POUTINE!
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Powering Down :: A Week With No TV

Our family had gone bonkers, as far as I was concerned. The newest was born, and with him came new and frequent family conflict. Outside of the house, we were fine. Under the backdrop...

Help Me, I’m Leaking :: In-Hospital Postpartum Tips for a Better Recovery

I sit here typing this, 38 weeks pregnant with my third child, munching on two servings of Trader Joe's mini chicken tacos and doing some needed post-baby research. There are so many articles suggesting how...
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Learning to Swim? A Review of Charles River Aquatics

I grew up in Arizona, so learning how to swim was one of the first skills I acquired as a child. The sheer amount of backyards with swimming pools made it a necessity. Here...
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Memorize This :: 5 Safe Things to Say to a Pregnant Lady

To help you, and to save pregnant feelings everywhere, I've come up with five things you should be ABSOLUTELY SAFE in saying to a pregnant woman.

Holidays Are Better With Kids

It's no surprise that having kids throws wrenches into how you live your life. Sometimes they are wonderful wrenches, though. Here are a few holidays that are so much better now that I have...

Hosting Visitors in Boston — with Kids!

Here at Boston Moms Blog, we think Boston is exceptional. It's no wonder all our friends and families are flocking here to stay with us! Here are some tips for making the most of...
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Street Angels

She had slipped through the bars of the park's iron fence.  I was facing her; I should have seen it. But I didn't, and so my 2-year-old was standing on the edge of the sidewalk,...
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BMB Book Review :: A Short Guide to Raising Good Kids

"A Short Guide to Raising Good Kids," is, yes, another parenting book. Hold the eye rolls, please. Susan Purser, the author, is a Massachusetts mom, and I found her book to be chock-full of good...
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10 Things You Can Do to Make Your Life Harder

"Being a mom is hard," said nobody ever. Sometimes my mind is blown by how easy this whole "mothering" thing is. It's like lying on a beach while some tanned, muscly, handsome man brings me...
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When Mommy Needs Her Mommy

Suddenly, I missed Saguaro Lake. I was looking out the window in our Boston apartment at the cloudy, wintery snowscape and hating it. I wasn't hating it consciously, but this Arizona girl can only take so...
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To My Friend Who Lost Her Newborn

I saw your GoFundMe account and started to cry. My heart ached for you even though I don't have one ounce of experience with anything close to this. Most of us don't. So I...