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Annie recently moved back to her hometown of Boston after a five-year stint in Los Angeles.  She returns to Boston with her husband, toddler, and dog. Having lived and breathed ‘Boston’ for most of her life, Annie is enjoying re-discovering the city through the eyes of a new parent and on-location family photographer. You can view her images here: Annie holds a certificate from New England School of Photography, a BFA from Massachusetts College of Art and Design, and a Master’s in Arts Administration from Boston University. Aside from the arts, Annie likes running (usually from coffee shop to coffee shop), scones, seltzer, and the beach in Maine. Despite her love of Vacationland, Annie is still not a fan of lobster.
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What We Didn’t Do This Summer (But Said We Would)

Summer is full of unfulfilled promises we made to ourselves during the spring about what we would do once the weather turned warmer. If you’re anything like us, you didn’t hold yourself to your promises this summer. Still, we had fun not doing much at all and not meeting our goals. Here’s where we fell short.
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A Family Weekend Visiting Vermont

I'm accustomed to summer getaways to the beach, so I wasn't sure how to enjoy a landlocked state. At my father's suggestion, we visited as many farm animals as possible. We visited neighbors' farms. We visited farm museums. (Actually, we skipped the museum and just ran after my son who was running toward the live farm animals.) On our car rides to and from the various farms, we remarked at every cow, horse, and sheep in the landscape. It was so fun to hear my son apply his animal sounds in context.
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Summer Cool Down Parenting Failures (and Working Toward Successes)

This was all supposed to be fun. Where did we go wrong? It was a perfect beach day on paper. We planned our beach trip around the coolest time on the hottest day. We scheduled our drive to avert nap disaster and beach traffic. Despite our best efforts, we somehow committed a parenting failure. 
Dune Grass Harbors Ticks

Ticks Scare Me :: Fearing Lyme Disease

You may have heard about the infamous 'bull's eye' rash. This rash appears in 80–90% of Lyme cases but doesn't inevitably show up after you've been bitten by a tick. That is part of what's so scary to me about finding ticks on those I love: Ticks don't leave tell-tale signs that you've been infected with their diseases. Each case is different.
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No One Talks About the NICU :: An Unexpected Birth Story

For those of you who are still at the NICU or have been there and haven't talked about it, talk about it. We need to create more communities for NICU families to talk about this incredibly difficult experience and how it shapes us as caregivers. I'd love to hear your story. Because mine needs company.
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Our Family Doesn’t Go to Museums Together, and This Is Why

I've distanced myself from my arts-inspired, pre-motherhood life, and I've readjusted my mindset about how my son can enjoy art. I would love for my son to appreciate the finer qualities of a Rembrandt drawing, but I will accept his appreciation for drawing with crayons. I'd rather my son pound his fists on his plastic keyboard than our friend's grand piano. He is still learning to be creative by exploring the possibilities of three-dimensional space with Play-Doh; he doesn't have to contemplate a Rodin sculpture.
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Can Daylight Saving Spring My Toddler’s Wake Time Forward, Please?!

Now that our family has kicked up our nighttime sleep game up a notch, daylight saving time is rearing its ugly head. As with any form of sleep deprivation, we can expect the time change to bring about changes in our family's appetite and mood, at best. More realistically, we anticipate that our toddler will turn it up to 11 and get a little more emotionally charged. Unless... unless there's something we can do to make the landing after daylight saving time softer.