Moms don’t get the recognition they deserve! As a business run BY local moms FOR local moms, Boston Moms is excited to showcase the hard work local moms are doing — both at home and in their professions.

Boston Moms is proud to feature Melissa Gilbo, CEO and co-founder of the Women’s Business League. Melissa is shaking up the networking industry and energizing women entrepreneurs to make an impact!

We asked Melissa to share a little bit about herself. Get to know her here!

Name: Melissa Gilbo

Occupation: Co-founder and CEO of the Women’s Business League

Tell us about yourself: I am mom to two amazing boys — Shane is 17 and Jake is 15. I’m a wife to my incredibly supportive husband and an advocate for PANDAS and several other community organizations. Whether I’m on the baseball field for my sons or in a business meeting, I care deeply about my community and building genuine relationships.

Hometown: Georgetown

Favorite local restaurant: 1640 Hart House!

Favorite local business or brand: I have so many, it’s hard to choose! I love Pant the Town, a local pet photographer, and Maggie van Galen is my favorite local author. 

Tell us about your work/job: Two years ago, I met Amy Pocsik for a networking meeting, and that conversation changed the trajectory of my career and my life. Amy and I hit it off, realizing we shared a passion for connecting people and a desire for more genuine networking opportunities.

A short time later, Women’s Business League was born. Since then, we’ve made some big, bold moves and experienced crazy growth based on the idea that authentic relationship-building is the key to success. I fell in love with the work I was doing with WBL, connecting women with supportive communities and helping them achieve their utmost potential.

What is your favorite part of your job? Every day I wake up excited to help women (just like me!) who are pursuing their dreams so they can make an income AND an impact. I am proud to be the founder of a national organization that is making waves and helping its members do the same.

WBL has brought out the marketer, the advocate, and the thought leader in me. On any given day, you can find me sharing my journey with the world or the journeys of those around me. These days, you may see my name out there more, but one thing hasn’t changed — I am still hustling to build relationships and create opportunities for the people in my network. I’m just doing it on my terms and helping powerful women realize their full potential in the process.

Tell us what it means to be a “heart-centered” CEO: To be a heart-centered CEO you must love what you do, be all-in, and understand that leadership is never about you, it’s about the people. When I’m passionate about something, I put my whole heart and soul in. If you’ve been in a meeting with me, read one of my publications, or heard me speak, you will always hear me say, “The more you GIVE, the more you GET.” And I truly believe this. I’m proud to have gone from an employee working a J-O-B to being a heart-centered CEO, building communities, giving back, and changing the game for women entrepreneurs everywhere.

What is one piece of advice you’d offer another working mom? To those moms, female founders, women entrepreneurs, and dream chasers, I want you to know: It is possible. You can do hard things. Everything you’re doing, I’ve done it, too! I see you. I hear you. I get you. I believe in you. Keep showing up. Keep investing in yourself so you can do what you love AND make an impact and a living.

We talk to a lot of moms who are struggling to find their communities. What advice would you give? We absolutely need community in our lives, both personally and professionally. Whether it’s a mom’s group, a business network, or a favorite hobby, put yourself out there and show up. We were not meant to do life alone. You need to surround yourself with positive people who believe in you and push you toward greatness. I recently spoke on the topic of the power of connection — give it a read for more of my top connection tips and tricks.

Talk to us about “Unstoppable” — it seems like a very empowering course! Unstoppable is a seven-week course for women with an entrepreneurial spirit who want to serve their fullest potential. It’s for committed small business owners and those who generate and care for their own clients or want to grow their income and their impact. Unstoppable is designed to help you break through barriers and successfully grow and scale your heart-centered business. It will help you uncover what already exists inside of you to make it all happen. (Waitlist is currently open.)

What is your favorite quote? “How you make others feel about themselves says a lot about you.”

Where can we find you on social media? You can find me on our website, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram.

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Chelsey Weaver
Chelsey is a "central Mass" girl who married her 7th-grade sweetheart. She attended both undergraduate and graduate school in Boston, then taught high school on the North Shore for seven years. After living in Winchester and Melrose for several years (and moving too many times), she and her husband finally settled in Groveland in 2015. She loves the North Shore and everything it has to offer, and she enjoys raising her daughter there. Chelsey is the community engagement coordinator for Boston Moms and is mostly a stay-at-home mom. She spends lots of time advocating for children with disabilities, arguing with insurance companies, and looking for disabled influencers, inclusive companies, and materials that celebrate neurodiversity. She avidly listens to audiobooks, hates everything about coffee, and, most importantly, loves being a mom.