Pumpkin may be so #basic, but I am in love with it. The explosion of pumpkin EVERYTHING is my favorite time of year. Those who know me well know my passion for autumn and pumpkin season. In fact, as an adult I had a pumpkin-themed birthday party that included tons of food made with pumpkin — plus delicious pumpkin beer.

Yes, it is safe to say I’m obsessed and wave my #basic flag with pride. At home, I love putting my culinary skills to the test by adding a pumpkin spin to our recipes. Luckily, my family loves pumpkin, too, so they get to enjoy all the pumpkin goodness from the kitchen. I’m no Rachael Ray, but I have some favorite pumpkin recipes I make every year. Now go grab your favorite pumpkin puree or — better yet — make your own and give these recipes a try!

Creamy pumpkin pasta sauce

Pumpkin really can be anything it wants to be! Who knew pumpkin sauce could taste so good?! I make this dish when I’m looking to make a warm comfy Sunday night dinner for my family. I like adding chicken breast on top and serving with bread, making this the ultimate fall comfort meal.

Easy pumpkin muffins

There are days where I want to make muffins from scratch and feel satisfied with a job well done. There are other days where I want to make muffins with as little effort as possible. For those days I use this two-ingredient recipe that is always a crowd pleaser!

Pumpkin pancakes

Pancakes are my favorite thing to make my family on Sunday mornings. Depending on the current season, I can make a pancake that matches the flavor profile of that time of year, from blueberry lemon in the summer to eggnog in the winter. So you better believe I happily make pumpkin pancakes for my family every autumn! 

Pumpkin protein shake

I can’t pass the opportunity to put a seasonal spin on even my daily healthy habits, like my morning protein shake. It’s a quick and easy breakfast for mornings on the go that also embraces the flavors of the season.

Darcel Hunt-Finegold
Darcel Hunt-Finegold is a wife, mother, and life-long Bostonian. Her life passions are education and fitness. She is a proponent of public education and works as a high school teacher in the Boston Public Schools. Darcel's own personal health journey inspired her to earn a personal training and group fitness certification as well as create her brand, “Living the QuoBreaking Life.” She encourages women to step out of their comfort zone to create life by their design via mindset and fitness. Darcel loves to run, hike, cook brunch, and discover new places in the New England area with her daughter, husband, and Pomeranian, Brady.