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Boston by electric boat date night
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You are a mom, a cook, a chauffeur, the keeper of the schedule and most likely the date night planner. How often do you and your partner miss date night or get stuck in a simple dinner date rut because you simply do not have the bandwidth to make any more decisions.  What’s more, adventurous date nights sound fun but they require a ton of advanced planning and don’t provide much time for 1:1 connection with your spouse. It’s time to shake it up and change it up! You may be surprised how easy it is to do something new and creative for your next date night, and all with just a few clicks. Book your date night through Keenee!

Here is our idea of a perfect Boston date night:

Start your date with an Electric Boat Ride in Boston Harbor.  Think about it: when was the last time, if ever, you got to see our beautiful city from the water.  You can rent an electric boat through Keenee and you can even captain the boat yourself!  Not to worry, no boating license required and it is easy to do.  Want a more relaxed and luxe vibe? Hire a boat Captain and sit back and relax.  Bring snacks and beverages, and enjoy a truly unique view of Boston.

Captain of Boston Electric Boats for Keenee
Image courtesy of Keenee and Boston Electric Boats

And now that you are all chilled out and relaxed it is time for a meal.  A meal you do not have to prepare, flight with kids over consumption, and then clean up. How about a picnic? You can rent a picnic from Keenee too! Yes, a picnic that is fully prepared and fancy just for you. 

Keenee picnic date night
Image courtesy of Keenee

If you feel like you are missing out on adventurous date nights and also need some time to connect with your partner, a boat rental and picnic could be the perfect opportunity to do both. Have a few friends who would enjoy going on a date with their spouse, too, and tagging along for a group event? This is also a great option for a group date!

And if you are really looking to do NO planning for your next date night, then your best bet is to send your significant other to Keenee and tell them to take hold of the planning. Keenee makes it easy to navigate date night planning, even for the partners who aren’t usually in charge of the reservations!

Boston Moms is excited to see how Keenee transforms the sharing economy in Greater Boston and beyond, and we encourage you to check it out for yourself by downloading the app today!

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